We're heading for Australia in June! – Hairfix

We're heading for Australia in June!

We're heading for Australia in June!

This June Australian Hairfix fans can catch us live on TVSN!

It's been a little while but we're happy to say that we'll soon be back in Oz with some fantastic live product demos and superb offers that'll help you achieve the hair you've always wanted - and the products will be shipped locally, meaning that you'll get them faster.

Check out the new products we've been busy developing for you.
 We'll be on air as follows:

* Friday 1 June at 13:30 and 20:30

* Saturday 2 June at 17:30

* Sunday 3 June at 12:30

We're going to be talking thin hair, fine hair, hair loss and hair volume and about what these products can do to help you on your way to lovely locks:

New Hairfix Follicle Plus Spray Shampoo & Conditioner with their unique formulation and spray application, these gentle products help minimise hair loss and encourages healthier growth when shampooing and conditioning. Read more....

Supersize Hairfix Follicle Plus Anti-Age Gel this limited edition supersize bottle contains our latest and most advanced formula for thinning, ageing and greying hair. Its slow release caffeine helps counter the hormonal damage that contributes to hair thinning. Read more...

Follicle Max Advance contains double the caffeine of our Follicle+ Anti-Age Gel and contains antioxidant Nucleo Trico-Hyal, making it the go to product for anyone who wants to give areas of worst thinning extra attention and a real boost. Read more...

New Volume Plus is the new kid on the block and just a few pumps will make your favourite conditioner work harder to give you great volume. Read more...



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