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Extra care and repair to revitalise your hair

There are lots of good reasons to give your hair, and even your scalp, some extra care and repair – not least so that you look and feel your best. Colouring, heat-treating and the use of styling products all make a difference to how our hair looks and feels but we're realistic and know that most of us don’t want to quit these little habits… Fortunately, you don’t have to because Hairfix has identified the challenges and formulated some brilliant hair fixes!

Does your hair need a detox?
It’s a good idea for everyone to give their hair a recharge once in a while and detoxing is the way to go. Hairfix's Three Step Keratin Bonding Treatment gently removes product build-up and pollution, reverses damage and restores your hair’s beauty, vitality and colour. You’ll find that it is healthier and younger looking by using three steps – Purify, Reform, Enrich - just once a week! Suitable for all hair types, particularly ageing, over-processed, fine, damaged or lacklustre.

Could your hair and scalp use a holiday? Don’t forget to look after the delicate skin on your scalp as well as taking care of your hair. Hairfix Revitaliser will give your hair and scalp a break from detergents, which will rejuvenate its texture and colour as well as removing build-up and hydrating the scalp. Revitaliser is sulphate-, paraben- and salt-free and gently eases away impurities whilst its mosturising ingredients improve the scalp, hair texture and strengthen colour.

Want your colour to last longer? Is it dull and fading? Hairfix Every Day Colour Fix Cleanser & Conditioner is so mild you can use it on colour treated hair every day if you wish. The ultra-light spray conditioner is used to seal in colour without weighing hair down. It can also be directed at damaged hair ends to stop frizzes and seal splits or on dry hair to give shine and smoothness. 

Repair & Revitalise

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