Summer Haircare Tips from Simon

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Getting Ready For Summer? Here Are Two of My Top Hair Care Tips For Beach & Pool.

We put a lot of time and effort into getting our bodies ready for the beach (or at least we think about it a lot!) However, we tend to forget about our hair. 

The chlorine in pools and the salt in sea water act as bleach on our locks, and not in a good way. Actual blonde hair can turn a greenish tinge and dark colours lose their lustre. Salt and chlorine are also incredibly drying and break down the natural keratin of the hair. 

MY PRE-SWIM TIP: Before you swim, totally drench your hair in fresh water. That way the salt and chemicals are really diluted. 

AND WHEN YOU'RE OUT IN THE SUN? UV really makes hair suffer. The keratin splits and colours go wonky. Your hair needs a moisturiser, just as your skin does - preferably with sunscreen. I recommend that before you catch some rays you comb through a 50p size amount of HAIRFIX REPLENISH - choose for Fine or Dry hair according to your hair type. The hot sun will actually seal our Hairfix Keratin into your hair - and you'll have some UV protection. 

Just a couple of steps that'll keep your hair happy this summer. Simon x

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