We Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions

Thinning Hair & Hair Loss

Why is my hair falling out? Help!

Hair loss can occur for many reasons - change in diet, stress, illness and certain types of medication can lead to sudden loss.

If your hair loss is serious - say handfuls - please consult your doctor.

Gradual hair loss, where the scalp begins to show through over a period of months and years, is usually caused by androgenic alopecia. For women this is the decline of the hormone oestrogen in relation to androgen - specifically dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This imbalance is most acute at menopause but even from the age of forty about 25% of the thickness and quantity of your hair can be lost. Hair follicles noticeably shrink and recede - causing hair growth to be of poorer quality or even entirely absent.

For men the main cause of hair loss is male pattern baldness - a genetic effect that is hard, if not impossible, to reverse. That said, a healthy scalp regime may help to reduce the rate of loss.

How do Hairfix Follicle treatments help?

Our Follicle range of slow release caffeine scalp treatments help women by blocking the DHT that attacks the follicle. They also contain biotin and keratin to improve the natural thickness of your existing hair from the root up.

  1. Follicle Intense Defence is a directable liquid contains double strength caffeine to kick start growth where hair loss is most acute.
  2. Follicle+ Anti-Age is used to maintain healthy growth, either once new growth has been stimulated or if hair loss is slight.
  3. Follicle Max Advance targets receding hair at the hairline, parting or crown. 
How can I make sure I lose less hair when I’m shampooing?
Maintaining a healthy scalp is essential when promoting better growth. Cleansing clears the scalp of the dead cells and irritants that can affect growth. Aim to shampoo and condition at least every three days. Hairfix Hair Saver Pre-Wash Treatment penetrates and bonds with your hair ahead of each wash to secure roots and help inhibit loss when shampooing. It also repairs and strengthens hair, builds natural volume, releases build-up and protects colour .
I’ve started using Follicle+ products but I’ve seen more hair fall. Is that normal?
Yes. If you’ve been avoiding treating your scalp then there will be an amount of hair at the end of the weakened growth cycle (see below). This may fall earlier initially - but it should be replaced by stronger growth.
What is the hair growth cycle?
Hair grows in phases - growth, rest and fall. This can last three to six months. If fall exceeds growth then there is a need to change your hair care regime.
Can I use Hairfix Follicle treatments while using other hair growth treatments - including laser devices?
Yes. There have been no reported problems in combining other hair growth treatments.
When can I expect to see results from using Hairfix Follicle treatments?
In about two to three months - as per the hair growth cycle - when the new growth should be stronger.
Can I use other Hairfix products alongside Hairfix Follicle treatments?
Certainly. All our treatments - whether for damaged hair or thinning - are compatible.
Who recommends Hairfix Follicle treatments?
Our customers! We’ve sold more than hundreds of thousands Hairfix treatments and have a high percentage of repeat customers. You can read their product reviews on each relevant product page and additional reviews are available at www.qvcuk.com
Does it work for everybody?
No. Hair loss can happen for all sorts of reasons. We believe we help with a common cause - especially in women - that of a hormonal change happening in mid to later life. Hairfix Follicle treatments can naturally, safely, reduce the hair root shrinkage caused by a relative excess of DHT.  Please note: male androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness) causes irreversible thinning, often progressing to partial or complete baldness. Hairfix Hair Loss & Thickening Treatments may assist in making hair feel and look thicker but will not ultimately prevent this condition.
What’s different about Hairfix Follicle treatments?
You can feel confident in the fact that Hairfix Follicle treatments were developed in cooperation with leading trichologist and formulator of natural hair products, Dr Stephen Smalls, to be effective, safe and affordable. By improving the condition of the scalp and hair follicles they promote the health of existing hair, maintain live follicles for as long as possible and improve new hair growth when it occurs in the hair growth cycle. The treatments have a unique slow release caffeine formula that works gently to improve the growth conditions of the scalp and protect hair roots against the effects of hormone damage. They also contain the natural hair strengthening and thickening ingredients, biotin and phyto-keratin.
Do I have to keep on using Hairfix Follicle Treatments forever?
No. Once your hair growth seems to be back to normal you can stop, although many people keep using small amounts of Follicle+ Anti-Age Serum to keep the scalp in tiptop shape. Used in this way Follicle + 100ml Gel can last as long as twelve months.
Why do you recommend the application of Hairfix Follicle treatments before I go to bed?
Night-time is when the scalp is resting, just as the rest of your skin does, and this is when the slow release caffeine can gently, effectively do its work.
Are Hairfix Follicle treatments a cure for baldness?
No. In male pattern baldness once the follicle - hair root - is gone then the nature of the scalp at that point has changed and the hair root cannot be revived. There is no known cure. Please note that whilst Hairfix Follicle products may assist in making hair feel and look thicker they will not ultimately prevent or reverse this condition.
How do I know if I have a live follicle/root?
There will be wispy baby hairs growing from it, at the very least.