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We're loud and clear about volume

If you’re don’t have naturally voluminous locks, worry not. Help is at hand with this great range of products our experts have developed specifically to give limp, fine and volume-less hair a lift.

Lack of volume has a number of causes. Your hair may be naturally fine, limp and prone to greasiness or you could be suffering from a build-up of cleansing and styling products that tends to occur over time and weigh hair down. Age makes a difference, too...

“Detox” has long been a buzzword and your hair is no exception, so it’s something to consider if your hair is limp and lacking volume. Using Hairfix's Advanced Detox Recovery Volumising Regime for fine hair just once a week will remove product build-up, reverse damage and restore your hair’s beauty, vitality and colour.

On regular washing days, we recommend adding a few pumps of Hairfix Volume Plus Volumising Concentrate to your favourite conditioner to turn it into a volumising keratin treatment. It’s easy to use and will make a word of difference.

Styling for volume often involves directing a lot of heat at your roots, so protecting against heat damage whilst encouraging volume is what’s needed. Hairfix’s Boost Root Spray is directed at the roots to lift, enrich, fortify and protect your hair. It’s also great applied to dry hair to lift your style between shampoos.

If you prefer to use a mousse to boost your volume when styling, Hairfix Make Volume Feel Natural Mousse is light and provides volume by holding moisture in the shaft of the hair, rather than simply coating it. This gives you natural feeling, free-flowing volume.



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