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We're loud and clear about volume for fine hair

If you’re don’t have naturally voluminous locks, worry not. Help is at hand with this range of products developed by our team of salon experts specifically to give limp, fine and volume-less hair a lift. 

Lack of volume has a number of causes. Your hair may be naturally fine, limp and prone to greasiness or you could be suffering from a build-up of cleansing and styling products that tends to occur over time and weigh hair down. Age makes a difference, too, as the hair’s outer layer (cuticle) becomes thinner and follicles are less productive. Finally, stress also plays a part.

Our experts believe in thickening hair naturally, that’s why we avoid polymers that coat and weigh hair down and opt for natural ingredients including caffeine, hyaluronic and new Kerastore™.

Start at the root because healthy scalp and roots = better hair. A dab of Hairfix Follicle+ gel massaged into the scalp every third night will plump up your roots and that thickness will stay as your hair grows. Over 60 days you will notice a difference.
Turn up the volume when you shampoo and condition. This really is the easiest way to add volume to thin, fine or flat hair. With new Hairfix Total Volume Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner with Kerestore™ - a new, naturally occurring form of keratin that is identical to your hair - you can expect to see an increase in thickness of up to 25% after just five applications. The result? Naturally thicker, smoother and shinier hair.
The healthy option styling spray. If you're a fan of styling sprays then wouldn't it be even better if you could choose one that will give volume, hold and shine AND boost your scalp's output? That's just what Hairfix Follicle Max Volume Lifting Spray with caffeine and keratin does! Use it on towel dried hair or dry hair.


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