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Kevin Kelly - Founder

Since 2001, Hairfix has been committed to developing anti-ageing, healthier haircare products that deliver younger looking, younger feeling hair.

Founded by Kevin Kelly - and developed in cooperation with leading independent tricologists and also International Styling Director of Michael Van Clarke, Simon Bryer, Hairfix products are formulated to restore the hair’s natural beauty and health - regardless of age or condition.

From science and extensive experience the founders of the company discovered the basics of effective anti-aging treatments for hair, treatments that weren’t merely cosmetic but were actually made of the building blocks of hair - the famous blend of vegetable-derived, hair-identical keratin.

In 2013 another breakthrough was made in treating thinning hair. Hairfix found a way to slow-release caffeine gently onto the scalp, to protect against hair loss. The founders continue to enable more people to enjoy more and better hair by developing healthy nature-based formulations.

Simon Bryer - International Styling Director at Michael van Clarke, London

Simon Bryer

Simon has been in the haircare industry for over 36 years and he has been styling the hair of the highly discerning clientele at Michael van Clarke for the past 20 years. He has been nominated Hairdresser of the Year no less than four times.

During his career Simon has travelled the world and has represented leading brands in the field of haircare education, as well as working with a well-known multinational manufacturer in the field of new product development and innovation.

For the past 11 years, Simon has collaborated with the Hairfix team, providing valuable input into the development of products that address customers’ haircare concerns in order to give them healthier, younger looking hair.

Simon regularly presents Hairfix products on QVC UK, France and Italy as well as on Australia’s TVSN channel, providing product demonstrations and advice.

“With my extensive experience in hairstyling and haircare I know that looking after yourself from top to toe and having healthy looking and feeling hair is really important for your self-image, regardless of whether you’re an A list celebrity or not.

I know that customers want and need products that are true problem solvers and that is exactly what Hairfix offers.

Hairfix set out to offer customers an anti-aging, healthier hair treatment that’s made in the same way as the very best skincare products. That meant products that were gentle, removed build-up without stripping colour and that replaced the keratin that hair is made of and that we all lose with age.

This is the principle that Hairfix has adhered to as we have expanded our range – putting the good stuff back into hair and keeping it in great condition. I believe healthy hair is beautiful hair. And healthy hair is your right, no matter its age or condition.”

Philippe Gentner, Founder of The Guild Tiquetonne, Paris, and QVC Brand Ambassador

Renowned stylist, hair visionary and founder of France's The Guild Hairdressing, Philippe Gentner has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Drawing inspiration from fashion, art and music to bring a subtle modernity and contemporary dimension to his work, Philippe uses the latest techniques to offer his clients a top quality experience. Philippe has won awards nationally and internationally, appeared on TV and is also renowned for his training of upcoming stylists.

Located in Paris's second arrondissement, his salon, The Guild Tiquetonne offers clients a unique beauty experience for their hair, combining luxury and escapism in a modern setting that blends New York design with a futuristic decor and a nod to Haussmann's Paris, all designed to offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Philippe uses Hairfix products at The Guild Tiquetonne.

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