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Damaged Hair FAQs

Damaged Hair

If your hair is looking less than it’s probably because it’s damaged in some way, typically by:
  • Over-colouring – excessive or prolonged highlighting and lightening can make your hair feel like straw and it may become frizzy and prone to breaking easily
  • Heat styling – the long term use of straighteners and blow drying at high temperatures can leave it feeling dry, lifeless and prone to breaking.
  • Build-up - the oils and silicones in all hair conditioners and styling products begin to coat the hair in layers - like old paint – making it look lifeless, limp and/or dull
All Hairfix products contain our own unique blend of vegetable-derived keratin. This hair identical formula puts back what chemical and heat attacks on our hair take out, restoring shine, smoothness, suppleness, strength, volume and manageability, in accordance with your needs.
Hairfix Three Step Keratin Bonding Treatment  for all hair types – a 3 step regime that removes the chemical caste that is strangling your hair and replaces the lost keratin
Hairfix’s Silk + deep moisturising keratin resilience and silk-protein formula puts the silky softness back into very dry, damaged hair.

Our best advice, however, is to give your hair a break from straighteners and chemical lightening if you possibly can. Heat breaks down the structure of hair - that’s what makes it go straight whilst lightening preparations - even those without bleach - use peroxide or citric acid to attack the keratin in order to remove dark pigments. The rich conditioners that come with such colour treatments can make the hair feel thicker, but this artificial effect does not last.
If product overload is the problem then we recommend Hairfix Three Step Keratin Bonding Treatment which will remove the dulling build up of styling products. If your scalp has become sensitive to detergents and styling aids and is producing too much sebum, try Hairfix Revitaliser - a detergent-free cleanser that actively promotes a healthy balanced scalp.
Everyone’s hair differs in thickness. It is possible to coat hair with various styling products, but here are some tips for natural looking volume.
  1. Keep conditioner away from the roots.
  2. Don’t over-dry your hair. Hair by weight should be one quarter water - just like skin.
  3. Avoid alcohol-based products as they drive out the water.
  4. Use a water-based keratin-rich volumiser, such as Hairfix Make Volume Feel Natural
If you’re looking for protection against heat damage our Keratin Smooth Keratin Straight is what you need. It is a heat styling spray that actually improves the health of your hair! Its application before blow drying will protect your hair against heat damage.