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Fabulous products!!! Love Love Love ❤️

I have previously bought Hairfix from QVC and absolutely loved it however, it was unavailable when I tried to reorder so was very happy to find such amazing value kits buying direct from Hairfix. I find the products work really well on my fine hair and give lots of volume. When I received the shampoo the consistency was a bit odd compared to my previous bottles so I emailed to check that it was o.k. I received a lovely email straight back with the kind offer of a replacement which was send out without delay. The customer service is second to none and I would give more than 5 stars if I could! Fantastic products and company!

great products that work on my 67 year old fine hair.

Love all the products but especially the shampoo and conditioner. Great set with two shampoos and one conditioner. My hair stays in place all day. Makes a visible difference and I need to wash it less often.

Excellent conditioner.

This is the only conditioner that doesn’t leave my very thick hair full of static, people always comment how shiny and healthy it always looks.


I think this product is one of the best out there for fine hair (I've a tried a lot!) I have very fine, coloured hair and this gives my hair so much volume I can never be without it. You don't need a lot of product and you can definitely see and feel a difference when you use it. Would highly recommend.

Unbelievably quick transformation

I am totally stunned at the speed with which my limp and fluffy hair has improved. Within two weeks my hair looks thicker and is definitely more healthy. I lost all my hair due to chemotherapy treatment and it grew back, initially, beautifully thick and curly but as it grew out I realised how much thinner and straighter it was becoming - I think the hormone therapy doesn’t help so am thrilled to have found this product to get me through the 5 years I have to take the hormones.


Always choose this spray after using the shampoo and conditioner. Gives me super hold and body for my fine hair.


Like many others have struggled with my hair during lockdown and as I have been lucky enough to get an appointment next week thought I would try and get my hair in a better condition beforehand. My hair is shortish but badly needs cutting and I used this for the first time and after drying my hair was shiny and bouncy. Would definitely recommend.

Very effective

I've started using this after shampooing. It's a good product although during lock down my hair is a mess! Only 4 stars as it's a bit pricey.

Root to tip hair improver

Bought this product a week ago as was on offer so thought I would give it a try. My hair is quite fine with slight curl and coloured so I use various thickening creams and straighteners. I applied just before bedtime and washed out next morning. Result was excellent, shiny, manageable, just wish I had somewhere to go out ...another outstanding product from Hairfix.

Brilliant product set

I’ve been using the full range of these products for the last 12 months and the difference in my hair is amazing I’m very very happy

Excellent products and service from Hairfix

Faantastic value set, superquick delivery, only a little product needed each time so will prove every economical. Have used 4 times so far, twice a weekly, as finding it leaves my very dry hair on the drier side but totally agree all the products have a noticeable thickening action from the word go. I have used all 3 products together but found my hair after styling feels a little too much artificial that way so my preference is to use shampoo and conditioner together then on other days use the spray for styling on other days with other hair cleansers and conditioners. Nice products to use, pleasant aromas, over time may still reach 5 star status. Have bought in past from QVC but Hairfix offers like this are equally competitive in value. I previously purchased the Root to Tip pre-shampoo treatment from QVC that I adore and that easily rates 5 star imho.


With lockdown and not being able to visit my hairdresser for several weeks my hair was starting to look dry and lacking lustre. Using Hairfix Step 3 Enrich has made such a difference giving shine and bounce back to my locks!


I saved £7.00 with your offer, received the Root to Tip quickly in the post and used it generously on the first night. I'm amazed! And it's true - it doesn't mark your pillow AND oh my goodness, my hair has feels so, so soft and supple since washing - it's better than it's felt and looked in months. I'll be buying it again when this runs out.

Hair fix

Absolutely brilliant stuff my hair is transformed

Hair fix

Absolutely brilliant stuff my hair is transformed

Lovely spray!

This is exactly what i was looking for,a pre styling mist that is conditioning but with the root stimulating ingredients in there too. I already use the follicle defense serum and love the dropper which can focus on thinning areas and this mist is a perfect compliment to it.Your service was excellent,thank you!


Apply to hair 3 to 4 times a week - I have never had such thick well behaved hair - truly miraculous


Really good - you actually don't think it's done much until you dry your hair and then wow, what a difference.

Confidence returning

My hair was defiantly getting thinner. When my hairdresser mentioned it I realized I needed to try something. I have been using Hairfix since late December and although I cant see massive regrowth I can defiantly feel a slight stubble . With lockdown and no hairdressers working Hairfix has been a godsend making my hair look and feel more manageable.


This conditioner is perfect to use after step 1 and 2. It leaves my hair wonderfully conditioned but doesn't weigh it down. In fact, my hair is left bouncy and voluminous.

Great products

I have been using Hairfix for some time, excellent products. Unfortunately due to medication my fine hair has suffered! Originally bought from QVC, will now buy from Hairfix direct as I was very impressed with the quick service.

Gentle but effective

This cleanser is great for using once every week to 10 days to strengthen and revitalise my hair. It leaves my highlighted, greying hair soft and voluminous. I use it along with the other products in the 3-step range.

Amazing hair treatment!!!

Due to ill health I am now past my menopause at quite a young age and in recent months noticed my hair getting thinner around the front & crown. It was very noticeable when my hair was wet & I was becoming very conscious. I found Hairfix & bought through QVC initially & then direct from Hairfix. Been using since Oct 20 and its really made a difference. I can’t say how long or when it happened but my hair is looking & feeling thicker. Certainly don’t see my scalp as much, Its more like it was. The product is so easy to use, I put a little in once a day when my hair is wet & then again 2-3 times a week and leave overnight. When you put in wet hair & you dry it doesn't feel like you’ve got product in it. I am feeling much less conscious about my hair, my husband has noticed the difference and I feel so
Much more confident about it. The Test will be when I go back to hairdressers after Lockdown, will my hairdresser notice!!!! I have now bought several of the products including shampoo, conditioner, hair serum. Give it a go, I think its brilliant & works. Thank you Hairfix!!!

Excellent product

I have fine, oily prone hair and struggle to find shampoo that clean efficiently but don't strip the shine & volume. I also haven't been to the hairdressers for over 12 months now! After a few uses of this product, my hair looked shiner and fuller, so much so, that I have just ordered the value pack so that I don't run out

Great product

This product really works, have been using it for a couple of years, worth the price. Quick delivery. Thank you