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Great product

Love this for making volume and I also use it on dry hair to style

Bought as a gift

My mother in law swears by the shampoo and conditioner, she is in her late 70’s and is on lots of medication and says this helps her hair look and feel better.

Fantastic Product!!!

Very pleased with the result. Looking back at photographs my hair looks so much more healthy. It has more body and looks so much thicker - especially my fringe. Would definitely recommend and it lasts absolutely ages. Thank you Hairfix!!

Really beneficial for my hair!

This product is great. It takes time to see the results, but I wouldn’t be without it. My hairdresser has noticed that my hair is thicker, and it makes me feel more confident, instead of thinking, oh I hope people don’t notice my scalp. I use twice a week after washing my hair. Thank you for making this product.

Fabulous Product

Follicle Max is a wonderful product . It really has helped my hair feel and look thicker. The parting looks do much better. My hairdresser had remarked on my hair .I have now been using Hairfix Products for about 5 years . I started with the shampoo and conditioner first then gradually used more. I could never be without a mix of their range. Hairfix is a must.

I love this product - been using for over 10 years - not as thick as originally I must say and of course an increase in price for half the quantity....! BUT still I swear by it - I am nearly 80 so I need something to boost my thinning locks and hairfix is THE product for me.

Thank-you Hairfix for giving me my hair back

When I turned 40 I started experiencing a lot of hair loss which usually begins at around 40 years of age. I started worrying that the hair loss would continue and I would end up with thin, damaged hair.

I saw an advertisement on TV in Australia about a range of Hairfix products which are specifically for hair loss and thinning hair.

I started using Hairfix Total Volume Shampoo in 2020. Within one month of using the product I no longer experienced hair loss and my hair started to feel strong and healthy again.

This product really works and I would strongly recommend this product to anyone concerned about hair loss and thinning hair.

Thank-you Hairfix for giving me my hair back.

Best hair growth-boost product I've used..

And I've use a few. Shampoos, conditioners, the one that begins with P. All did nothing for my hair.

I just the Follic;e+ Anti-Age & the Follicle Max volume.
I almost said the other day that I now have too much hair. But I ain't complaining!


I love Hairfix. I love the serum, and and the Follicle Max - brilliant! I love all of your products. They have really heped my hair become thicker and I don't see my parting so much. I would tell my friends to use it. Thank you Hairfix - I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't started using Hairfix. I've been using it for a year and a half now. Ms Hayden x

Fuller looking hair

Having baby fine hair it’s difficult to find a shampoo that does the job and gives volume …… this one definitely does . Makes my hair look so much fuller !!

Life saver

I couldn’t live without this. I had an attack of dermatitis and lost some of my hair. Eventually using Hairfix it has brought my hair back to super normal

Miracle serum

I don't think I would want to be without this now. I use it every other day, in-between hair washes. Not only does it help my thinning menopausal hair, I find it allows me to go another day without washing, so only have to wash it every other day. A brilliant product and I would certainly recommend this to all women with thinning hair

Wouldn't be without it

Have been using Hairfix for many years now. I have relatively thin - and thinning - hair and Hairfix not only helps keep my hair in shape it also adds just enough volume. As a 74-year-old man, who is lucky to have kept (most of) his hair , I wouldn't be without the assistance that I get from Hairfix

Lovely looking hair

My hair really looks thicker. Friends have noticed the difference and only used it 3 times, so very happy

It works

My wife has been using this for some time now and there has been a definite improvement in the amount and thickness of her hair.

Beautiful hair

Thank you hairfix for coming to my aid i have very fine hair ,but after using the hairfix shampoo my hair is much fuller,bouncy and way more manageable.


I am very pleased with these products! After using the first time I really saw a difference in volume. I don’t need to wash my hair every day now because the volume and condition of my hair is maintained. Love how my hair feels!

The Best

These products are just great. I have baby, baby fine hair and so I’ve tried so many different shampoos, sprays, serums etc. etc. to try and mark it look like I have a head of hair, rather than a dank, lifeless head of nothingness. Hairfix makes my hair is soft and manageable, but more important to me it gives it volume. I would thoroughly recommend this if you have fine, flyaway hair like mine. The leaves in spray is particularly brilliant.

Silky hair

A beautiful combo the shampoo and conditioner make my blonde highlighted hair like silk and so soft so gorgeous And makes my hair feel the best it can be

ROOT TO TIP HAIR IMPROVER for health, shine & frizz control (500ml)
Fiona C.
just great

just great,works best taking the place of my normal conditioner,makes hair soft,smells great.

Best Shampoo on the market.

Hairfix is an incredible product for naturally blonde hair. I am now in my 70's & my hair - not yet grey- has volume, shine & a texture which no other product has ever given me over the years.
Will ALWAYS purchase. I needed to track you down in the UK from Australia.
Thanks so much Hairfix- it took me years to find you!!

Hair is looking fuller

There seems to be an improvement in my hair - it looks thicker and people have commented on it looking fuller.
I’m very happy thank you

Brought hairfix on a shopping channel, so impressed with results, how soft, shiny & overall thickness & volume gave to my hair,
The more I used it the better my health of my hair got,
I am in peri menopause & have thyroid so hair thinner due to this,
Hair fix shampoo & conditioner has improved the thickness & volume of my hair
Can't recommend enough

Great product

I'm 58 and my hair is thinning, I saw Hairfix on TJC and the reviews were very good, so decided to try them. I'm really impressed, there seems to be some baby hairs round my hair line and that's huge for me, so it's definitely a woohoo moment. It's expensive but I'll find the money to keep using only this product. Definitely a happy Hector

The best styling product I've found

I've tried many products to help smooth and control my frizzy hair whilst also keeping good volume and lift. This tames and shines my frizzy hair, plus it feels really soft and my style holds for longer. It feels and looks sleeker and natural. What's not to love?