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A little goes a long way

Gives my hair guts & volume .
Give it time and the scalp show through at the front becomes less noticeable. I wouldn’t be without and this extra special size will last me almost a year . Great value 🙂

Big hair

Love love this product, makes my hair full and manageable. Use shampoo and conditioner, and most other products they just do what I want them to.

Gentle hair care system

I've tried so many leading shampoos for hair loss as since reaching 40 notice hair thinning and have PCOS for years. I tried Hairfix and so pleased with results. I've purchased a second set and can't recommend enough. Lovely delicate smelling easy to use system. I have used the serum and styling spray recently to.


I love hairfix it really helps my hair which was damaged by colouring , it leaves it so smooth and silky

Volume in a bottle

I’ve bulk ordered these. In total about 8 bottles and no doubt when I’m close to running out will order 8 more (yes it’s that good)
My hair is fine and flat, this product gives it a lovely boost and lift and I’d never want to be without. Definitely my desert island product.

Just Brilliant!

This is the best & that's why I'm on my third bottle! It gives me confidence when heat styling and the result is shinier, frizz-free, thicker looking (no idea why/how) hair and style that stays looking good for longer. Can't fault it but really do recommend it. My hair is getting finer, it's curly and can be a total frizz-bomb but not any more!


I have always had very thick hair but, after losing it due to chemotherapy treatment it grew back much, much thinner and finer.
I was despairing of it ever looking any better, there was lots of scalp on view, and then discovered Hairfix products. I have used the shampoo, conditioner and anti age serums and now face the world with no worries. The hair is still quite fine but somehow LOOKS much thicker, not sure how it works but I won't be without it!

Hairfix follicle and anti-age serum

I have been using this for 3 weeks, applying twice a week and can definitely feel a difference. Hair feels thicker, happy to continue and build on my results so far.

Hairfix Shampoo

Only just started using but working well so far.
I will definitely be trying some other products in this range .

Excellent product

I'm mid 60s and have been using Hairfix products almost exclusively for about 10 years - they have made a huge improvement to my fine, thinning hair and this item in particular is a staple. I use it a couple of times a week before bed, no sticky residue or anything, and quite often as a styling product on damp hair, just a couple of pumps before blow drying. Wouldn't be without it, thank you Hairfix.

Excellent Results

Having fine hair, it’s become very delicate with age. After using the shampoo and conditioner my hair is in better condition, lovely and shining. I am using the follicle anti-age also the Follicle Intense Defence. Hopefully within the next few weeks I will see a difference to my receding hair line. I will definitely will be purchasing again

My hair loves these products

I have used these products for a while now and was pleased to get the set with 2 shampoos and one conditioner as I always had conditioner left, such a good idea as well as being so economical. Thank you Hairfix, I would not be without your amazing shampoo and conditioner, hair looks so good, shiny and clean.

Hairfix Follicle Max Volume - Lifting Mist with caffeine & keratin for fine & thinning hair 100ml
jan k.

I love this spray,everything about it is wonderful,it makes my hair feel fuller,softer and it smells wonderful! This company is brilliant, such a great service and a lovely free gift too.Thank you so much!

Hairfix review

Yes I would definitely recommend hairfix shampoo and conditioner, I am very pleased with these products, my hair feels thicker bouncer and healthier, definitely a must by.

Great volume

I use other Hairfix products and they are all great, so I thought that I would try the volume spray and it’s the best I have ever used, volume without being sticky. So glad it was on QVC because I had never heard of it before

3step keratin treatment

I have been using this product for many years and wouldn’t be without it.
Thank you hairfix.

Really Impressed!

I am really impressed with this product. I have very fine hair and have tried lots of products. I put the root to tip product on my fine dry hair twice a week before going to bed. In the morning I wash it off and my hair feels soft with plenty of volume and a gorgeous shine.
Buy the supersize 500ml it will last ages. Highly recommend it!!

Great Hair

I have used this product before. It does what it says 😊

An excellent find

I have been using this for over 6 months and gradually as the months have past I thought my hair seemed thicker (I have always had thin fine hair) then my niece said my hair looked thicker and I was really pleased. But I was really excited when my hairdresser who I have going to for years said my hair looked thicker and in great condition. May I also comment on the efficient, kind and friendly service from Hairfix.
PS I am 67 years old.

Great Volume.

This gives great volume and my hair is much better for using this product.

Excellent Products

At first, week using Hairfix, I was a little skeptical because my hair became fizzier as I have coarse Hair... On the second week, voila... the perfect much for my very weak and fragile hair. However, it is too soon to tell about the growth factor. What I have realized is the combination of "Root to Tip Hair Improver" to be a blessing to my type of hair. I used once combined with all packs and it proved to be effective for my hair to become soft, silk, and with elasticity. I loved this Product. Many thanks, Hairfix for sending me this product.

Difference I can see

I have only been using this each week for a month but can already see and feel the difference. My hair is less dry and looks more shiny. Easy to use - I leave it in overnight and it doesn't transfer to pillows etc.

Very effective

I have very fine colour treated hair and fine this gives it manageability and volume. Use it after most shampoos and sometimes on dry hair. Would recommend.

Hair looks really healthy

Not sure about results from serum yet, but the shampoo and conditioner are superb, makes my pure white hair feel good and very shiny.