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Fabulous stuff

I absolutely love this product, for the fact that my hair doesn't need to be wet to use it.

I've kept it in my hair for up to a day before washing it out and the results were fantastic.
Soft, shiny and silky hair.

Another winner from hairfix!

I am a big fan of all Hairfix products and this one is an absolute winner. It makes my fine flyaway hair feel thicker and more manageable. It gives wonderful shine and bounce.

Excellent for fine /thinning hair

I started using the shampoo and conditioner last year after having used other Hairfix products to encourage growth which were good . My hair was in a bad way due to adverse effects of the menopause which had created overall thinning and my hair was unmanageable . This shampoo and conditioner are the best I have ever used. I Have tried numerous brands of shampoo and conditioner for thinning /fine hair but this is the only one that really seems to address the underlying problems and gives me good results more body , bounce and also shine .

Fabulous Product

Has transformed my dry and damaged hair! It looks so much healthier and has its shine back. Highly recommend!

Excellent for fine limp hair

I like detoxing my hair every10 days or so as it gives my fine limp hair a new lease of life. I’ve been using Hairfix products for many years, I know they may seem expensive at first but they last a long time, as a result (in my opinion) value for money. I’ve found after using the detox you get a much better lather from the shampoo so you don’t need to use as much. I have sensitive skin and these products don’t irritate so I am very pleased.

The bottom line, this does work!

I've steadily being adding more Hairfix products to my routine as, without exception, they improve my fine, thin, flat hair so much - I found photos from about 4 years ago, pre Hairfix, and was quite shocked at how awful my hair was. The new 3 step keratin bonding regime is excellent, especially the detox spray, as my hair tends to hold on to products and pollutants. I always use the spray mist when I blowdry my hair and it's very supportive without any hint of 'helmet head'.
Thank you Hairfix, you've given me confidence and pride in my hair.

Nothing else beats this.

Nothing else beats this product.
I have tried many so-called detox shampoos in the past but nothing comes close.

This kit leaves hair feeling brand new and silky and so soft.

Your hair will definitely thank you .

Love This Product Follicle Max Volume

I've always had fine hair but going into my sixties my hair went so thin it was quite distressing. Now in my seventies I saw Hairfix Follicle Max Volume and after trying numerous products to give fuller thicker hair to which non worked I thought might as well give this one a try. Wow I'm so glad I did - I first tried the volume spray and I was so impressed with the results I have now bought the shampoo and conditioner and I am equally impressed with the results of these two products. I feel so much happier with my hair.


Combined with the follicle max and shampoo/conditioner I finally have my hair looking at it’s best for many many years ... I’ve always had fine thin hair and at nearly 50 it looks amazing (for me) I’ve managed to grow it with some mid length and volume for several months my hairdressers stunned !!

Really pleased

I am really pleased with the improved look and feel of my hair since I started using Follicle Max Volume.


Having reached an age where my hair gotten thinner and greyer and tried so many products this is by far the only product that does as is stated on the container

Advanced Formula Recovery Regime Step 1: Release Detox & Colour Save, all hair types
Lucious locks

This just after one use has made my hair the best it has been for 12 months

At last

At last I have found a product that does what it says. I have had thinning hair for sometime I’m now in my late sixties and people say nothing would work well it does my hair looks fuller but without stickiness this product is great and makes me feel wonderful

Amazing product does what it says it will do

I have used various brands of hair volume products . At last after all these years i found Hairfix Volume . It is amazing and you do not need to use a lot at a time. I flash dry my hair before putting it on newly washed hair. It really lasts for 2/3 days for me and that suits me as i wash my hair twice a week now that i am retired. Great product gives great volume. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

Works like magic!

I'm amazed at the difference this spray makes. I just put several sprays around my scalp & a few mid length, comb it through, dry my hair & suddenly I look like I have way more hair. It's magic!

Brilliant Follicle max volume.

Great product,adds volume and shine.I use it in conjunction with Advance crown and parting root serum twice a week.Definitely improved new hair growth.

Help for hair

I prefer this new bottle and formulation to the pump action version. Much kinder to my hair and easy to control amount of product used. The prefoamed formula seems thin by comparison and I enjoy using the new product.

At last something that really works

I have fine hair and am always looking for something to give it hair more body. I've lots of well known brands but nothing's wowed me like this mist has! I use it on wet and dry hair and it really does give my hair more body. Thanks, Hairfix x

Wow wow

This product gives incredible lift to the roots and a lovely lather and test was next day for work were I tie it up looks freshly blow dried and bouncy

Love this my new favourite

I have post menopausal thinning lank dull blonde hair .I started using hairfix several years ago and noticed the difference to my hair.This makes my already improved hair even better,I have full ,shining ,lush hair now ,my own hair on its best ever day .Thank you hairfix

Fabulous hair !!!

I purchased step 1 and 2 hair fix products and the results were amazing. I have blonde long hair, the shampoo refreshed my locks to stylist standard my colour looked brand new. The texture of the hair was also smooth and straight. The scent lasted all day. This product is definitely worth the money and I will repeat purchase.


I have fine thinning blonde hair,this duo gives it shine ,volume and gives me back my best hair.first use gave me my shine back which is very hard to get on blonde colour treated hair, and the more I used it the volume just got better and better.this is now my favourite product.i used to use volume sprays before blow drying to give more body this gives the same result without using sprays


I have wasted so much money on shampoos and conditioners and at long last have found the right product. My hair started thinning, lost its natural shine and was falling out every wash and brushing. I used to wash my hair daily and then became too scared due to the lo amount I was losing in the shower. These products have stopped this. They are weightless so leave hair with a healthy shine, volume and has stopped me losing my hair. I am so relieved and now have clean hair which I could now wash daily but with thes products I find alternate days is all it requires as ithe style stays in place and the shine. Thankyou Hairfix!


I was excited to try the new Total Volume shampoo and conditioner. As with all the other Hairfix products I've tried I was impressed. The Volumising shampoo is so gentle and foamed up straight away with minimal effort so I did 2 washes. After rinsing thoroughly my hair felt a little tangled but Iwasn't worried at all because i hadn't lost any hair in the process. As soon as applied the conditioner it untangled. The conditioner is very different from any others I've used before. It foams as it is massaged into mid length and ends. Left on for at least 3 minutes. Once rinsed in luke warm water my hair felt smooth and tangle free. My tangle teaser brush just glided through. Styled in my usual way. Which is air dry then finish off with my Babyliss Big Hair Styler( dual barrel) my hair felt soft, frizz free and healthy. I'm thrilled as I home colour my hair every 4 weeks.

"Maintain" Follicle + Gel, Shampoo & Conditioner Set
My miracle product

I started using hair fix gel when my hair started falling out due to severe anemia.I purchased the gel & cut my hair to my shoulders .After 2 months my hair shed less and regrowth appears all over my head.
I now have under active thyroid which prompted hair loss.
Thanks to hairfix I quickly resolved the problem & I now use the shampoo & conditioner.
I also use the gel as a styling product.
I can’t be Without it!