Birth Control Pills could be to Blame for Increasing Hair Loss reports Daily Mail Australia

Is birth control making you BALD? Young women are suffering an epidemic of hair loss as more of them turn to the pill at a younger age, reports Laura House for Daily Mail Australia

Hormone expert and naturopath, Dr Lara Briden, explains female hair loss. She says while health conditions can contribute, birth control can too:

  • Birth control pills can take a toll on normal hair growth
  • In some cases they can shrink hair follicles like testosterone does in men
  • A widening part is the first sign of hair loss and thinning in females
  • Good nutrition can help with recovery, but it can take over a year

It appears it's no longer just men who are losing their hair, with some young women across Australia suffering significant hair loss as well.

‘Young women are suffering an epidemic of hair loss, and it’s time for some straight-talk about why it’s happening,’ Dr Briden told Daily Mail Australia.

‘My patients are losing piles of hair - they see it on their brushes, and they see it all over the floor and they’re not imagining things.'

Twenty years ago, female hair loss was something women suffered occasionally with childbirth or illness... now it’s so common that doctors see it every day. 

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