International TV Appearances for Hairfix

An International Start to the New Year!

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We hope you all had a fantastic break over Christmas and wish you all the very best for 2016

So far 2016 has been exciting and just a little busy - in a good kind of way. Over the holidays Hairfix products were delivered to France, Italy and Australia in preparation for star appearances on QVC shows in France and Italy and TVSN down under this month.

We even managed to send Simon Bryer off to Australia (to be fair, it didn't take long to persuade him to pack his bags) to impart his wisdom and knowledge about hair problems, including hair thinning and loss, and explain how Hairfix can help. That's him above right with the TVSN team.

International recognition of the benefits of using Hairfix is a further endorsement of the fact that it can help you have the hair you've always wanted - wherever you live!