Are you having a mid-life hair crisis?

We’re all pretty well attuned to the fact that our skin changes and needs a revised regime and different products as we hit mid-life but how many of us fully appreciate that our hair also ages and requires a new approach, too? Just carrying on doing the same thing as before just doesn’t work anymore...

Simon says, “Hair ageing is inevitable and it’s not just a question of greying. Many of my clients are faced with a loss of volume, dryness, thinning, hair loss and a change in their hair’s texture. We developed the Hairfix to tackle the most common of hair problems - including thinning, loss, dulling and limpness – but there are other steps you can take to help your hair keep its lovely looks for longer.”

Here are three things that can really make a difference:

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A Good Diet – the benefits of a balanced diet show in your hair. Diet-wise, it is your essential body tissues that absorb the goodness from food first. That means that if you have a poor diet your hair will miss out and its looks will suffer. Dieting or following a limited regime can impact your hair’s health and a good diet should include protein, fruit, veg, omega 3 oils, complex carbs and starchy vegetables. Click here to read more.

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A Great Cut & The Right Colour – a good cut and colour can make a world of difference to how old you appear. Simon says, “A slightly lighter colour around your face – maybe a shade or two – will lift your complexion, stop you looking washed out and help counteract skin that’s become duller and paler. Avoid a sharp contrast between your hair and skin colour as that can accentuate imperfections. Different rules apply to different hair colours, so it is best to consult your hairdresser.”

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Stress Busting – the truth is that stress ages our hair because, going back to diet, stress affects the digestive system and the effectiveness with which nutrients are absorbed. Relaxation, whether through yoga, walking, mindfulness or simply sitting and watching the sun go down, will help your stress levels and your hair. So, make sure you keep a check on your stress levels and remember that caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar and salt can amplify stress, so moderation is key.