Drum rolls for dermarollers?

There's a new skin tightening regime heading for the thinning hair market.

It's called dermarolling, aka microneedling, and we ask Simon whether he can see the point... 

"Dermarollers look a bit like mini paint rollers, except that they are covered with small sharp needles, a bit like a little lawn aerator. The device is hand held and when you run it to and fro across your scalp it causes mini-wounds to the skin. With me so far?

The idea is that lightly wounding the skin will activate the body's healing response and it is thought that this can stimulate hair growth. Additionally, like an aerated lawn, your skin will more easily absorb whatever you add to it, whether a hair treatment or a moisturiser.

So, is this the miracle cure that people with thinning hair or, indeed, hair loss have been looking for and should you be rushing out and getting a treatment or buying your very own scalp aerator?

As ever, even though promising results have been reported, you should research and read. Here's my take:

1. Dermarolling can be painful, not just because of the wounds it causes (which will make your skin temporarily red and sensitive) but also because treatments at leading salons can set you back a whopping £200 or more and you'll need top up treatments every couple of months.

2. If you're a DIY person, make sure that you buy a roller with the right needle length - too short and nothing will happen, too long and you're in for sore skin. Hygiene is critical, so clean skin before rolling and thorough cleansing of the roller afterwards are essential.

3. Super absorbent skin can, on the one hand, mean that you'll get great value from creams, moisturisers and treatments but BE CAREFUL as rapid absorption can also irritate the skin and have side effects. Always seek advice - I'm happy to answer any questions.

If you're not drawn to pain, the cost of salon treatments or the acrobatics that might be involved in reaching all around your scalp to dermaroll in every direction, there's another very cost effective way of achieving pretty much the same thing - Hairfix Follicle + Anti-Age with Nucleo Trico-Hyal.”