Heading for the sun? Here’s How To Protect Your Hair & Keep It In Tip Top Condition

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We put a lot of time and effort into making sure we look our best on holiday. If you’d like to look your best afterwards, too, read on.

Here are two top tips that'll help you avoid that nasty dry, bleached feeling of post-holiday hair and ensure that your hair glows just as brilliantly as your tan.

The chlorine in pools and the salt in seawater both have a bleaching effect on your hair. This can leave blondes with a greenish tinge to their hair and cause dark coloured hair to lose its lustre. Chlorine and salt are also incredibly drying and break down the hair's natural keratin - the strong, fibrous protein that is our hair's key ingredient.  

Just as your skin needs moisturiser, so does your hair:

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Distribute several pumps worth of Hairfix Silk+ Reconditioning Masque through dry or damp hair and comb through. The sun’s rays will actually help to activate the silk protein and Keratin in this deep moisturising treatment, putting the silky softness back into your hair. Silk+ will also help reduce sun damage.




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Thoroughly drench your hair in fresh water. This will dilute the effects of the salt or pool chemicals so that they cause less damage to your locks. Rinse your hair again after swimming and re-apply Silk + as many times as necessary during the day.


Happy holidays!