Is your hair enjoying the sun?

When the sun’s out it’s easy to remember to protect your skin with sunscreen, but did you know that your hair and scalp need extra protection, too?   

Whilst sunshine might be good for the soul, there's no denying that it’s less good for your hair.

Sun exposure can discolour your hair, make strands dry and brittle and cause broken or split ends, thinning and frizz.

That’s because UV rays damage and raise the hair’s protective outside layer, or cuticle, making it less able to retain moisture and far more vulnerable to damage.

Any damage can be exacerbated by swimming and sweating, too. Salt water and chlorine strip away natural oils and leave hair dry, rough and damaged, whilst the high sodium content in sweat does exactly the same.

BUT there is some good news...

And it's this: the sun’s heat can help your hair absorb the very ingredients needed to repair and keep it feeling and looking beautiful.

If you want longer, softer, fuller, healthier hair our experts recommend Root to Tip Hair Improver with silk protein, hyaluronic and caffeine.

This gorgeous hair mask:
  • Hydrates and protects your hair and your scalp
  • Smooths cuticles so they retain more moisture for longer
  • Enhances colour definition
  • Thickens the hair shafts, adding fullness and lift
  • Prevents frizzing
  • Gives hair shine and condition
  • Keeps roots healthy to minimise hair fall
  • Repairs damaged hair protein fibres
What's more, it's easy to use  
For best results use Root to Tip regularly, once or twice a week. You will enjoy immediate results from the first use but the longer you use it, the better your hair will become – and stay - over time 
  • Apply to dry hair before heading out on a hot day
  • Leave and let it work its magic – the sun’s rays will activate the silk protein
  • Shampoo and condition when you’re ready – even if that is a day or so later
  • Reapply after swimming (rinse hair in fresh water first)

You can also apply Root to Tip to wet hair after showering and before going out, use it in place of your regular conditioner or apply before bed and sleep on it; it won’t stain your pillow.

Top tip!   

Rinsing your hair in cool or cold fresh water also help flatten raised cuticles and wearing a hat will provide some UV protection.
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