Let's Talk About Build-Up

Let's Talk About Build-Up

Product build-up is the hidden enemy of healthy looking, bouncy, colour-rich hair. It could be the very reason you’re not seeing great results from the hair products you’re using, and why your hair is lacking shape, bounce and vitality.

What is product build-up?

Put simply, product build-up is when your hair has layers and layers of residue from styling products - sprays, serums, waxes, creams - resting on its surface and lurking within any tears and splits, even though you wash regularly.

These sticky residues, like silicone, mineral oils, polymers, and other chemicals, are added to styling products to make your locks look glossy and smooth. They are ‘varnish’ type ingredients - often used in industrial compounds to waterproof and repair items like chipped windscreens - that’s why they don’t easily wash out!

With exposure to air and sun these coatings become ‘baked on’ and hair feels lifeless, sometimes greasy, often dry. If you're in a hard water area, the effect is multiplied because the water’s salt deposits bond with the sticky residue making hair brittle, dulling colour, and causing scalp irritation.

Build-up is the main reason we shampoo twice when we wash our hair but all that shampooing strips away protective keratin (which gives hair strength, flexibility and good health) as well as the build-up itself.

Unless you clear the build-up anything you use on your hair will be pretty ineffective, just like painting new paint on top of layers of old paint.

Can you see product build-up?

Mild product build-up can be invisible but at the other extreme it can be seen – white and flaky, a little like dandruff, visible on the scalp or under your fingernails if you run them across your scalp. Your hair may even feel a bit sticky and won’t have the same bounce and movement as usual.

These are other signs that you may have build-up:

  • Lack of shine/dull appearance of your hair and its colour

  • Your hair won’t hold its style or curl

  • Hair looking/feeling limp and greasy

  • Dry, frizzy hair that can’t absorb moisture and breaks easily

    Can build-up be damaging?

    In short, yes, build-up can be detrimental to your hair and scalp.

    If your follicles are clogged, they can become inflamed, a condition known as folliculitis which can ultimately lead to hair loss. A healthy scalp is where healthy hair begins.

    Along the hair itself, clogged cuticles become unable to take in moisture and other beneficial compounds, leading to dryness and breakage and that lank, lifeless look we mentioned above.

    What can you do about product build-up?

    For your hair to look, feel and behave its the best it needs moisture, and it needs to be able to receive that moisture and other reparative and protective ingredients, too.

    Most of us shampoo twice but did you know that using a gentle, detergent free pre-shampoo treatment in place of your first shampoo is highly effective?

    Pre-shampoo treatments gently work their way between the build-up and your hair and scalp, breaking the build-up down so that it can be rinsed away. Take some time to give your scalp a stimulating massage to improve blood flow, too. Follow this first step with your favourite shampoo and conditioner each time you wash and you will immediately feel and see the difference.

    Hairfix Recommends 

    Changing your routine - pre-wash instead of shampooing twice! Hairfix Follicle+ Hair Saver pre-wash was specially developed to tackle build-up, repair your hair, nourish your scalp, and protect your roots to keep your hair secure.

    It contains Hairfix’s unique blend of hydrolysed silk protein, caffeine, hyaluronic compound, and vegetable-derived keratin.

    • Hydrolysed Silk Protein: enhances hair’s strength and elasticity and provides shine, body and manageability

    • Nucleo Trico-Hyal gives an anti-oxidant boost to hair follicles at the root to help stimulate hair growth and reduce greying

    • Caffeine counteracts the shrinkage in hair follicles that can lead to hair loss.

    • Hairfix’s own phytokeratin, a vitamin extract of wheat, soy and corn, can help existing hair feel naturally thicker and healthier.

    It is silicone, oil- and paraben-free and contains no animal products or detergents.

    SAVE £25 and let Hairfix Follicle+ Hair Saver revolutionise your hair care regime. Try it today with our 90-day money back guarantee! 500ml is about six months' supply. Shop here now.

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