Lift and love your hair!


How do you get that all-important volume PLUS thicker looking, healthier hair AND promote hair growth, too? All whilst styling?


Hairfix Follicle Max Lifting Spray with caffeine and keratin, which was developed specifically for anyone who wants gloriously gorgeous hair, even as it ages and changes.

Caffeine and hair and scalp health

Hairfix’s hair-identical keratin gives wet or dry hair instant volume whilst helping improve its thickness, glossiness, elasticity and smoothness. Caffeine, when applied on the scalp, has been shown to counteract shrinkage in the hair root – helping decrease hair fall when washing, brushing and styling. 

If your hair is fine or becoming finer – beyond the age of 40 our hair shafts typically lose a quarter of their thickness – the chances are that you will be finding a sad lack of volume, too.

Hairfix Follicle Max Volume is a light, non-sticky spray that can be use on freshly washed or dry hair. Just two sprays per tress (the amount of hair you’d normally style at a time) for damp hair (one at the base, one mid-length) and one per tress at the root for dry hair and you’ll see improvement within the week.

With continued application, new growth may see results in 60 days. To maintain overall healthy scalp and hair in the long term we recommend that you also use Hairfix Follicle Plus Gel.








Don't just take our word for it - here's what our customers are saying

“I am really pleased with the improved look and feel of my hair.”

“Having reached an age where my hair [is] thinner and greyer and [having] tried so many products, this is by far the only product that does as is stated on the container.”

“My hair looks fuller but without stickiness. This product is great and makes me feel wonderful.”

“Great product. Gives great volume. Give it a try - you will not be disappointed.”
“I'm amazed at the difference this spray makes. I just put several sprays around my scalp & a few mid-length, comb it through, dry my hair & suddenly I look like I have way more hair. It's magic!”
“Great product, adds volume and shine. I use it in conjunction with Follicle Plus twice a week.”