Nutrition & Hair – A Quick Guide & It's Rewarding!

Can you ‘nourish’ your scalp to stop your hair thinning? Yes you can, up to a point, and you can take action from the outside in, too! 
While the natural process of ageing and Male Pattern Baldness are inevitable, you can prolong healthy hair growth with a normal healthy diet, because what is good for your body is good for your skin. And that means your scalp.

We’re talking follicle health, specifically Hair Follicle Stem Cells (HFSCs). HFSCs allow our hair to continuously grow back. The trouble is that in age-related hair thinning and Male Pattern Baldness the increase in testosterone in the body shrinks the width of the hair follicle – the root in which the hair grows, so that hairs grow finer. Age also causes thinning of the scalp so that not only are the roots smaller in diameter but also shallower.

The result: HFSCs are working in a much smaller space with a restricted blood supply. That’s when it becomes vital to improve the nutrients they do receive.

Consider increasing the following in your daily diet and you’re likely to see improvements in your hair thickness, as well as reduced thinning:
  • Iron rich foods, such as spinach, liver, red meat, beans, nuts and dried fruits (more…)
  • Vitamin A rich foods, such as liver, cod liver oil, oily fish, cheese, sweet potato, kale, carrots and red peppers (more…)
  • Protein rich foods including meat, fish, eggs, dairy, tofu, avocado, peas, nuts and corn (more…)
  • Zinc-rich foods like wholegrains, dark chocolate, seeds, nuts, dairy, meat and shellfish (more…)


Eating less fat may save your hair

There is another important part of the link between diet and hair loss that’s currently under investigation: obesity and saturated fat-rich diets. According to the Tokyo Medical and Dental University a high fat, high calorie diet in mice showed ‘increased oxidative stress’ – inflammation around the HFSC and increased sebum. In other words, the classic signs of scalp irritation that makes the root grow thinner strands until, finally, the follicle gives up entirely (more…) Key message: eat less and eat well. It’s a common enough refrain but the research is piling up.

Help from the outside in ~ it's a win-win!

While you’re counting the calories and soaking the lentils, you can also help your scalp from the outside in. Hairfix Follicle+ Anti-Age serum contains scalp-soothing Senegal Acacia gum that slowly releases caffeine – to stimulate the root when it’s under attack from hormone changes - and hyaluronic to plump up the scalp so the hair is more deeply rooted.

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