QVC Exclusive: Save £25 on Hairfix Follicle + and Follicle Max - Tonight Only!

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There's a special offer on QVC on Wednesday 3 August at 8pm!

Tonight you can purchase a QVC-exclusive two piece Follicle Max 100ml and supersize Follicle + 150ml for just £34.44 (normal QVC price  £59.90), saving you £25.06 and giving you up to 15 months' supply of these great hair re-growth and thickening products.

Watch Alison Young's Beauty Night In on QVC UK tonight and for just £34.44 you can buy:

1 x 150 ml supersize Follicle + worth £30.00 
1 x 100 ml of Follicle Max worth £29.50
That's £59.50 of proven caffeine-powered regrowth - Follicle Max for your hairline and Follicle + for all over thicker hair
Kevin Kelly