Washing your hair doesn't make more fall out. Quite the opposite, in fact.

If you find yourself avoiding washing your hair because you feel you're seeing too many hairs falling out, think again.

It may seem counter intuitive but did you know that more frequent shampooing can actually help with hair fall? In fact, hair fall can actually increase if the scalp isn't as clean as the rest of your skin.

Simon says, "Try and shampoo your hair three times a week but make sure you massage your scalp gently nice and gently if you're worried about hair fall."

A gentle way to shampoo is by using a pre-foamed shampoo, such as Hairfix Follicle + shampoo. The fact that it is applied as a foam means you don't hvae to agitate it, so there's no tugging on your precious roots.

When it comes to conditioning, concentrate the product on the hair ends and away from the scalp. If your scalp feels irritated by your conditioner, try swapping it for an alternative as your current products may well contain oils that are irritants.