TOTAL ANTIDOTE to advanced thinning & receding hair with FREE HEAD MASSAGER

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Total Antidote works to counter all aspects of thinning, receding, falling and fragile hair and to make the best your hair as it is, supporting it as it improves.

Is it for you? Yes, if you’re suffering pronounced thinning, i.e. you notice your hairline receding, your parting widening, and noticeably more scalp than hair when you look in the mirror. 

Includes: Follicle+ Anti-Age Serum 100ml, Follicle Intense Defence 50ml, Serum, Total Volume Shampoo 250ml & Total Volume Conditioner 250ml + FREE SCALP MASSAGER for easy application and scalp stimulation.

Hair Type: All female hair types where hormone or age-related hair thinning is a concern. Male pattern baldness is not reversible but this regime may help with the visible signs. If you experience sudden hair loss, please consult your GP. Supply: Approximately 6 months of product.


New Total Antidote works in three ways to improve and maintain your hair:

  • SOS for thinning hair – Follicle Intense Defence is a slow-release peptide and caffeine serum formulated to reduce root and follicle shrinkage, optimise hair bulb and scalp health, stimulate anchoring proteins, extend the hair growth cycle, and make hair feel naturally thicker especially at the hairline, parting and crown. Reformulated Follicle+ Anti-Age Fortifying Serum with Brazilian Bark Extract (Ziziphus Joazeiro) soothes scalp itching and inflammation which can go undetected and can lead to hair loss. It feeds up the roots across the scalp and stimulates the development of healthier, thicker hair and slows greying.
  • Volume and shine for finer, wispier, lanker, flatter hair – our unique Total Volume Shampoo and Conditioner gives you noticeably thicker hair - up to 25% - using natural ingredients.
  • Maintenance of hair health and growth, plus delay the grey  Follicle + Anti-Age Fortifying Serum has a follicle boosting and thickening formula that feeds up roots and stimulates the development of healthier, thicker hair, slows greying and soothes scalp irritation and itching for optimal hair growth conditions.

Target: Follicle Follicle Intense Defence Serum stops hair thinning - fast. With red clover flower extract peptide, caffeine, olive fruit extract, phytokeratin and acacia Senegal gum, it is directed via a dispenser to exactly where it is needed most and slow releases over 72 hours, delivering continuous improvements to the roots, bulbs, scalp and hair. Follicle Intense Defence will kick start an improvement in your hair’s growth and quality Read more...

Maintain: Follicle + Anti-Age Serum with slow-release caffeine and Nucleo Trico-Hyal, helps maintain the overall and ongoing health of you scalp and hair in the long term when applied 2-3 times a week. Read more…

Boost & Condition: Total Volume Shampoo & Conditioner with Kerestore™ boosts your hair’s health and volume, leaving it naturally thicker (up to 25% after just 5 applications), smoother and shinier, without weighing it down. Read more…

Hairfix Follicle Intense Defence 50ml: approximately 180 days supply.

Hairfix Follicle + Anti-Age Fortifying Serum 100ml: approximately 250 days supply.

Hairfix Total Volume Shampoo & Conditioner: approximately 6 months supply when used twice weekly.


Follicle Intense Defence – 2 or 3 times a week either on dry hair before bed or on towel-dried hair, applying 1-2 drops where hair is most sparse (usually the hairline, parting or crown) Gently massage into scalp. Read more... 

Follicle + Anti-Age Fortifying Serum  3 or 4 times a week on dry hair before bed or to freshly washed, towel-dried hair before styling. Apply with fingertips and massage into the roots (not along the length of the hair) across the scalp.  Read more...

Total Volume Shampoo & Conditioner – use as required, leaving conditioner in for one minute before rinsing, preferably with cool water. Read more...


Follicle Intense Defence 50ml - click here for details

NEW! Follicle + Anti-Age Fortifying Serum 100ml - click here for details

Total Volume Shampoo 250ml  & Conditioner 250ml click here for details



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Customer Reviews

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Shampoo to thin and runny, I complained but have had a response yet

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This is the complete set, just remember to use regularly for best results. I wouldn’t use anything else and the price point is very good.

Daphne B.
Hair challenge

I bought these products to try as I have noticed my already thin hair was getting noticably thinner. I have only been using the products for a few weeks so have yet to notice a difference in my receding hairline but this doesn’t happen overnight so patience is required. I have noticed however, that my scalp is much more comfortable and my hair feels good. The conditioner seems to lather like the shampoo when applied, I had to check the bottle, and this I didn’t like, hence I star deducted.

Works for me

Used Hairfix follicle intense for a few months now,my thinning hairline is definitely growing back . Takes time you need to be patient but it does work .The shampoo and conditioner makes the hair feel thicker Recommend

Ruth F.
Hair looks thicker

The shampoo definitely makes each individual hair seem thicker helping the overall look of the hair. You don’t need much conditioner and it makes the hair easy to comb do less likely to tear the hair .My hair looks thicker and healthier. I haven’t used it for very long so can’t tell if the serum is helping yet. Overall very pleased and will buy again.