Brazilian Bark Extract (Ziziphus Joazeiro) offers full spectrum fortification against thinning hair. Its natural antibacterial and soothing properties reduce scalp irritation and itching to keep your hair rooted and in place, as nature intended.

Scalp itching and inflammation can accelerate the hair shedding stage. To deal with irritation (erythema), the follicle in the scalp often has to expel the hair root, something we’d all sooner avoid.

Causes of irritation are:

- Styling products - which often contain alcohol and silicone that travels down the hair, into the follicle where the root grows from and onto the scalp. The result can be skin irritation and blocked pores.

- Heat drying and styling - hair is excellent at conducting heat - straight into the follicle, irritating and drying the scalp.

Exposure to UV - as our hair thins more scalp is exposed to sunlight, causing a reaction in the follicle that can have a negative effect on thinning hair. This is because compound superoxide production is triggered and this can temporarily interrupt the hair growth cycle. This interruption can cause hair follicles to jump from the growth part of the hair cycle to the shedding stage.

- Hair dye - reactions to the harsh chemicals in some hair dyes are common and can lead to scalp irritation and, ultimately, hair shedding.

Avoiding scalp irritation is important to keep your hair healthy and in place and Brazilian Bark Extract is a super ingredient in this battle.

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