Human hair is made up of approximately 89% keratin - a protein responsible for the internal and external structure of your hair, its strength, shine, resilience and resistance to humidity.

Keratin is lost from our hair as we age and through exposure to sunlight, heat styling, and chemicals. This results in weaker, damaged hair - under a microscope the hair’s shafts will look as though there are holes/gaps instead of being smooth.

This is where keratin shampoos and conditioners work wonders. Hairfix’s vegetable-derived keratin (KerestoreTM - a unique blend of wheat, corn and soy proteins) mimics human hair, bonding with its rough edges, filling in holes and repairing some of the damage. Your hair will feel stronger, thicker and shinier, the chance of future breakage is reduced and your hair will have a smoother, frizz-free and thicker appearance, lasting up to a week.

Hairfix’s keratin products combine the best of science and nature to provide advanced targeted repair to the most damaged areas of the hair's surface.

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