Combat the harsh effects of cold weather and central heating on your hair with these top ten tips.

Combat the harsh effects of cold weather and central heating on your hair with these top ten tips.

We'd all love our locks to look gorgeous year round, but the cold of winter and the drying effects of central heating can really take their toll, making the scalp more prone to dryness and hair more prone to breakage.

That's why now is the time to treat your tresses to a weather-proofing routine. Here are some top tips to adopt if you'd like lovely autumn/winter hair.

1. Moisturise, moisture, moisture! 

Central heating dries hair out – and dry hair is inclined to split, frizz and break. A weekly hydrating treatment such as Hairfix Root to Tip Hair Improver is a winter essential. It will boost and retain health, shine and elasticity, so that your hair is less prone to breakage, and will keep your hair and scalp moist, supple and nourished.

2. Make sure you choose a sulphate-free shampoo

Sulphates are commonly found in shampoos but they can strip out too much of the natural oils needed to keep hair healthy, particularly dry and fine hair. They can also make your hair frizzy and cause colour-fade in chemically coloured hair. All Hairfix shampoos are sulphate-free and Hairfix Keratin Bonding Shampoo is ideal for damaged, fine or frizzy hair or, if volume is what you want, Hairfix Total Volume Thickening Shampoo with KerestoreTM is for you.

3. Choose the right kind of conditioner

It's important to invest in a good quality conditioner. Pick one that contains fatty acids and humectants, such as soy protein and panthenol, which help attract and retain moisture in the hair. We recommend Hairfix’s Enrich Reparative Conditioner or, for volume, Total Volume Conditioner for fine, thin or flat hair.

4. Keep washing to a minimum

Washing your hair just two or three times a week will help prevent it from drying out. The less you wash the less you'll need to heat style, and your hair will thank you for that!

5. Don't get into hot water

We know… it’s getting chilly out and the temptation to wash in comforting hot water is compelling. However, hot water can damage your scalp by stripping it of moisture and we all need a healthy scalp - it's the foundation of healthy hair. Hot water also dries hair out. Instead, make sure water is mid-to-lukewarm and a final rinse through of your hair with cool, preferably cold, water is not only invigorating but also preserves natural oils, and flattens cuticles to keep hair manageable, shiny and hold in extra moisture - a smoother, shinier look will be yours!

6. Let loose

Wearing your hair down as much as possible will prevent the additional breakage that pulling it back creates. If you wear a ponytail, wear it at a different height each time to avoid too much pressure in one area.

7. Use a heat protect spray 

Let’s be realistic, most of us need to use heat to style our hair and the best way to keep your hair in the best possible shape is to use a good quality heat protect spray. Follicle Max Volume Styling Mist will protect your hair against heat damage and will naturally thicken, add gloss and protect against breakage, too.

8. Diet and healthy hair go hand in hand

Foods that are rich in natural oils, minerals and vitamins will help keep your hair looking healthy, help repair hair damage and boost your immune system, too. A balanced diet is important but key vitamins include C, A, E, selenium and iron.

9. Keep in trim

It may seem obvious but the most effective way to keep your hair healthy is to get those dry ends trimmed regularly.

10. Protect hair from static

Woolly hats, warm air… chances are that they’ll have your hair frizzing in no time! Using a frizz control spray will help – and a lifting mist will boost flattened roots. Follicle Max Volume is a lightweight styling mist that deposits keratin onto the hair to naturally thicken, add gloss and protect against breakage and heat damage.

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Good luck with your winter hair - and don't forget that you can always ask us if you have any questions. We're here to help!