Noticeably thinning hair? Let the battle commence...

Noticeably thinning hair? Let the battle commence...

Follicle Intense Defence is our most comprehensive answer to noticeably thinning hair – for women and for men. Not only does it contain twice the amount of caffeine found in our original thinning hair treatments but it also contains other hair loss controlling ingredients, notably red clover flower extract with peptides.

According to the American Hair Loss Association, 85% of men and 40% of women will experience significant hair loss by the age of 50 and each year two billion dollars are spent worldwide on surgical treatments for hair loss. But there’s a less invasive way to combat hair loss - with peptide-based therapies you can achieve healthy hair.

Hair loss - is it just me? No. Some level of hair loss in both men and women is natural, especially as we age, when our hairs naturally begin to lose strength and volume. On average, 50 to 100 hairs are lost each day, with new hairs re-growing from the same hair follicles. As we age, however, the follicles decline in their functions and stop producing new hairs, and our hair also begins to lose its colour.

How do peptides work for hair growth? Peptides occur in every cell in the human body and thus have links to every organ, including those responsible for the hair growth cycle, especially the hair follicles.

Peptides are made of amino acids, which are “smaller proteins”. These cause changes in cell behaviour, stimulate follicle growth, and promote natural hair production and improvement of hair colour.

With age the amount of natural peptides contained in the body decreases or their proper synthesis becomes damaged and repair processes controlled by them become gradually weaken. This is where biomimetic peptides come in – they are structurally similar to natural peptides and act as a therapy for hair growth.

Why Hairfix Intense Defence? Hairfix Intense Defence is unique in that it provides a full spectrum of hair loss protection in a unique slow release formula, so that a higher strength of ingredients can be released into the scalp over time – notably:

1. Caffeine: has been observed in vitro as protecting the root of the hair from shrinking - an age related condition of scalp impairment that comes with our skin generally thinning and losing its elasticity.

2. Hyaluronic acid complex: to replenish the fluid that sustains hair roots, which begin to dry out with age and stress disorder.

3. Keratin and biotin: to thicken and support the growing hair.

4. Peptide with Red clover flower extract: Hairfix’s unique formula that stimulates the proteins that help the hair to anchor in the root and reduces the inflammation in the scalp that can also cause hair fall. 

Results: for women, hair loss should reduce and cease, and for men it should reduce/slow but will not cease as male pattern baldness is an irreversible genetic condition.

Taken together in a single pipette dose for 3 months these some of the reported results:

Good stuff! My hair has stopped breaking and falling out”

Excellent Product… I have been using Hairfix for a while now and have to say, my hair isn’t breaking as it normally does and it isn’t as thin. However, this has made my hair even stronger. I also bought it for a friend who is suffering hair loss due to having corona virus. She was thinning really badly. After 5 days, her hair stopped falling out when she washed and combed it. I think the product speaks for itself.”

Marvellous… thickens hair, non-sticky, non-greasy, no need to wash hair following day, easy to use and lasts a long time well worth the money. Highly recommended.”

This stuff is amazing! My hair is thinning but I now see less scalp showing! Hair appears thicker (and even less grey!) and I will definitely keep using it.”

I would recommend it without hesitation... this new serum has actually started to produce new growth. It is a slowish process but there is a definite change."

Promising Results. I thought it might be too late for my embarrassing thinning hair… but this serum seems to work and I already think my hair's looking better (3 weeks use). It's easy and pleasant to use, lightweight and seems to absorb quickly. The dispenser is really good and I can reach the back of my head. It isn't cheap but a little goes a long way and if it helps then it's a good investment!”

A wonder product that has revived my very thin, fragile hair. I have tried other brands but Hairfix products really do work!”

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