How would you like your hair to be up to 20% thicker?

Turn around thinning hair right now! New Hairfix Total Volume Shampoo & Conditioner will leave your hair up to 20% thicker after just five uses.

One of the first changes women notice as they head towards their forties in the diminishing thickness of their hair. This is because the root – or follicle – of each hair becomes less productive with hormonal changes, stress and the body’s changing ability to process nutrients. The central shaft (cortex) of the hair will grow as usual but the outer layer – the cuticle shell – becomes thinner.

The result is, frankly, annoying and frustrating. Why won’t it style as obediently as it once did? Why does it look sparser, drier and less… fabulous?

If fine, thin or limp hair troubles you, we have a new shampoo and conditioner, Total Volume, which will restore its health and volume, leaving it naturally thicker by up to 25%, smoother and shinier.

The ingredient that makes all the difference? Kerestore™, which is a natural ingredient and an advanced form of keratin (a fibrous structural protein that makes up hair) unique to Hairfix.

Each molecule of Kerestore™ bonds to your hair, just as the keratin that makes up the cuticle that surrounds the cortex should. And the more keratin that’s missing from that central shaft – due to poor growth or damage – the more Kerestore™ bonds to it, thickening it naturally from the outside-in.

* After just five applications you can expect an increase in thickness of up to 25%

* Total Volume incorporates a scalp-conditioner to encourage a more productive growth environment