Reviewing the Pluses of Hairfix Follicle Plus

We love receiving feedback from our customers. It helps us know that we’re giving you and your hair what you want and need – and whether there’s room for improvement.

So, whether our reviews come from QVC UK, TVSN Australia, Facebook or our own website, they help us and we hope they’ll help you, too, especially if you’re trying to decide whether Hairfix is for you.

This week we focus on one of our best sellers, Hairfix Follicle Plus Anti-Age Caffeine & Pro-Vitamin Gel for Hair & Scalp. This gel was scientifically formulated to counter the early signs of thinning hair. Such thinning is generally due to hormonal changes (in pregnancy, post-pregnancy or with the passage of time) or the age related thinning of the scalp’s skin which means that our hair has shallower roots and so falls out more easily.

If this sounds familiar to you, you may like to hear what our customers say:

Wonderful Hair Growth

I have been using this product for years following an operation on my head that caused considerable hair loss. By treating my follicles 3-4 time a week I was able to achieve healthy new growth. I was so impressed by this that I continued to use it, which has resulted in the thickening of my hair all over the scalp and noticeable healthy, shiny regrowth. There is nothing else as good!

Love it!

Just love this product. A few pumps give my hair body. I put this on my short hair when wet and blow-dry as normal. The Customer Service from this company is fantastic. Thank you.

Simply Great – Just Be Patient and Persevere

I simply love this. It’s easy to use just a few times a week, very affordable and lasts ages. It won’t give you a full head of thick hair if you’ve never had really thick hair. However what it will do is give your hair extra volume and stop it shedding so much, therefore giving you hair confidence. With continued use you will see new hair growing. Highly recommended.

Simply The Best!

I swear by this miracle hair gel - it has completely transformed my thinning hair. I now have thicker, healthy hair with body and shine. My hairdresser cannot believe how much extra hair I have growing all over my scalp. Do not waste another minute of your time JUST BUY IT! You will not regret it and you will love the results as I do!

Top Marks

I am on steroids because of my medical condition and noticed my hairline was very thin. I use this every other day and do notice some growth. Got my mum on the product, too, and have talked non-stop about it in work.

Great Condition & Less Hair Fall

The first thing I noticed was the improved condition. It [gave] my hair more body and shine. I also noticed less hair fall. My hair appears denser around my hairline.

Clearly Works

The improvement has clearly been visible by my hairdresser and myself over the last 3 weeks. My hair is much thicker and more manageable. 

Wonder Gel

I have been using Hairfix for over a year now the results are wonderful; I have new hair growth all over my head and my hair is stronger. I've been buying from QVC but this time ordered direct from Hairfix as QVC were out of stock and I could not be without this fantastic product! 

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