Is colouring breaking your hair?

Much as we love it or feel we need it, it's a fact that all hair colouring can cause breaking - either because the pigment makes your hair brittle or, if you’re going lighter, there’s a stripping of the keratin (keratin keeps your hair strong, elastic and healthy) that contains your original darker colour. 

Simon says that it's a really good idea to try and give your hair a rest from colour now and again but, if that’s easier said than done for you, the next best thing is to do what you can to make the colour you have last longer. 

“That’s when I recommend our sulphate-free Every Day Shampoo and super-light Every Day Conditioner. Both are milder than washing in water but they do work to gently cleanse and condition the hair, plus they’ll help keep colour ten times longer than your normal shampoo,” says Simon.

And if your roots are showing? Simon recommends the ingenious Colour Wow Root Cover Up which is available in seven great shades at QVC UK and other outlets. 

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