Is it time to transform your hair with a detox?

The answer is almost certainly ‘yes,’ whatever your hair type and however healthy you think it already is...

You might not realise it but your hair goes through a lot each day, week and month. From absorbing pollutants in the air, being exposed to the sun’s rays, colouring, washing, conditioning and heat styling… they all add up to a build-up that can filter right through to the hair’s shafts and ultimately result in dull, lifeless locks.

However healthy your hair, it still collects dirt, grime and product residue and regular washing isn’t enough to keep it truly clean and receptive to cleansing, repairing and revitalising treatments.

Doesn’t my shampoo cleanse my hair, though?

Strange though it may seem, everyday cleansers don’t remove the hard water salts and plastic polymers that build up on your hair when you wash and style. That means that they're free to lodge in its splits and tears and thwart repair and shine.

If, however, you detox regularly, you’ll find that your hair is healthier and younger looking.

We’re all familiar with the word detox – the process of removing harmful substances from something - and the notion of periods of total abstinence from certain things, but luckily this doesn’t have to be the case when it comes to detoxing your hair.

We know it’s hard, even impossible, to live without our regular hair routines. After all, no one wants bad hair days whilst striving for better hair days. Fortunately, you don’t have to because Hairfix has a brilliant, tried and tested hair fix for detoxing – and you’ll notice a difference right away.

Step 1 of Hairfix's Three Step Keratin Bonding Treatment – Purify Detoxer – gently softens build-up without the use of harsh detergent so that it can simply be rinsed away, leaving your hair feeling clean, fresh and receptive to repair.

“I recommend using Hairfix Purify once a week and, for best results, combining it with Step 2, Reform Shampoo, and Step 3, Enrich Conditioner in order to remove product build-up and pollution, strengthen, protect and restore your hair’s beauty, vitality and colour,” says International Styling Director, Simon Bryer.

“If, however, you don’t fancy switching from your regular shampoo and conditioner then Purify is still an excellent detox choice and it’s suitable for all hair types, including ageing, over-processed, fine, damaged or lacklustre locks. Try it - you’ll notice a real difference.”

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What customers say

“I like detoxing my hair every ten days or so as it gives my fine limp hair a new lease of life. I’ve been using Hairfix products for many years, I know they may seem expensive at first but they last a long time, and are (in my opinion) value for money. I have sensitive skin and these products don’t irritate, so I am very pleased.” Jackie

“I've steadily being adding more Hairfix products to my routine as, without exception, they improve my fine, thin, flat hair so much…. The 3 Step Keratin Bonding Regime is excellent, especially the detox spray.” Mel

“I have always known this product works, but the updated version is so simple to use, my hair feels like new, bouncy and full. I use it once a week and it takes every bit of build up out thank you.” Joy

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