How can you care for your hair when you can't get to the salon?

How can you care for your hair when you can't get to the salon?

Your hair colour's probably not top of your list of worries right now when there's so much else going on and getting to the salon is, frankly, out of the question for most of us.

That said, our hair is an important and defining part of who we are and how we feel, so here are some thoughts on how to spend this time rejuvenating and repairing our hair and scalp until we can finally head back to our stylists and colourists.

The advance of the grey...

One thing’s for sure, you're not alone if you’re noticing more grey hair emerging as the weeks pass. This is what one customer said:

“Having coloured my hair for so long, there’s a little bit of me that’s curious to see how the grey comes through,” says teacher, Michele. “Maybe I'll like it but there’s also a part of me that dreads looking like my mum – I’m not ready for that! What can I do?”

Whereas many of us would previously have made a beeline for the dye, had a colour correction treatment or opted for a short haircut whilst we grey, those options just aren’t available at the moment (even though there is some cheer in thinking of the savings we’re making!)

So, what to do?

Whilst there may seem little choice other than to go with the flow, here are some positive things you can do.

“Now is a good opportunity to make sure your hair is in the best possible condition by detoxing it to rid it of haircare/styling product build up and deep conditioning it so that it looks and feels as shiny and healthy as possible – particularly since grey hair is more wiry, coarse and dry than non-grey,” says International Styling Director, Simon Bryer.

“As most of us are going out less, this is also a chance to take a break from the hairdryer and tongs. Think about letting your hair dry naturally from time to time if you can tolerate doing so, or at least let it almost dry naturally and then blow dry to finish. You’ll notice a difference in its sleekness and manageability.”

Hairfix’s Follicle + Anti-Age Gel can help keep grey at bay. It comes with a multitude of benefits for your scalp, hair and roots and slows greying by stimulating melanin (pigment) at the root. Within 60 days your hair should be noticeably thicker and a little less grey.

Hair Loss shampoo vegan UK

Whether your hair is grey or not, diet has a direct impact on its health, colour and growth, so here are some pointers:

  • Keep up your protein intake as prolonged protein deficiency causes hair pigmentation to fade and can lead to hair loss and breakage. Best sources include, chicken/lean beef, eggs, almonds, oats, cottage cheese, milk, yoghurt, broccoli, tuna, quinoa and lentils.

  • A decrease in copper and iodine can inhibit melanin production so be sure to eat good sources of these, which include: dairy, tuna, cod, shrimp, eggs, liver, leafy greens, dark chocolate, grains, spirulina, seaweed – and oysters and lobster if you are lucky enough!

  • In addition, healthy hair growth can be promoted by also including these to your diet: berries, spinach, fatty fish, sweet potatoes, avocado, nuts, seeds, sweet peppers and beans/soy beans.

Lastly, stress can contribute to hair loss and greying. Try your best not to stress about your hair and to see this time as a gift to it, a chance for it to 'get fit' if you like. 

If you can manage to get some downtime by taking a break from the news, meditating, deep breathing, cooking, crafting, reading, or whatever else helps you let go – even for a short while – it'll do you the world of good.

Good luck, stay safe and well and we're here if you want to contact us with your hair questions.

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