Pump Up The Volume This Month

Need volume? Hairfix Make Volume Feel Natural Mousse will give your hair the volume it needs, without stiffness or stickiness...

* Please note that this blog is from 2017 and the product is no longer available. Check out our current volumising products here 

A mousse formulated to boost volume by holding moisture in the shaft of the hair - rather than by simply coating it as most mousses do.

This gives a natural feeling, free-flowing look to volumised hair and Hairfix's unique amino keratin blend can also help to improve the condition of damaged and colour treated hair over time, too.

Plant extracts plump up the hair cuticle from within instead of coating it – making it look like you were born with thicker hair!

Use Make Volume Feel Natural Mousse on freshly washed, towel dried hair or on dry hair for a quick volume boost.

Simon's Top Tip: "Hairfix Make Volume Feel Natural mousse is water-based and loaded with keratin, so it's simply better for your hair - and you don't need masses of it to get real lift and volume, especially if you follow this easy hack. Instead of applying the mousse to your hand - or straight to your hair - spread a little across a  wide tooth comb. Then move the comb in short sweeps across the scalp so the mousse keeps close to the root of the hair - and doesn't load the ends of the hair. Style as normal and look more naturally voluminous than ever."