Sleep tight... and watch your hair improve

Ever wondered why the night time is the right time to get your hair in shape?

Simon Bryer, International Styling Director at Michael van Clarke, London says: 

"All the medics agree that our bodies work best when we can catch our 7 or 8 hours sleep. That's when your body recharges all of its systems, including rebuilding and fortifying muscles, bones, skin and – drum-roll please – hair.

If you’ve ever wondered why we recommend applying Follicle + Anti-Age and Follicle Max at night now you know why. Hairfix is helping recharge your hair root. And there’s no need to shampoo out the next morning; so long as you’ve used just a few pumps - or drops - you can simply comb it through your already thicker feeling hair and go about your day with a bounce in your step. Or indeed, a bounce in your hair."

Just like our lovely models, Pirjo & Tiffany, seen here on QVC at the launch of new Follicle + Anti-Age


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