Rejuvenate your hair? Yes you can! And here's the easiest way, ever.

Christmas is done and dusted and no doubt your new year's resolutions demand that you'll work harder than ever on your health and wellbeing.

Having your hair in tiptop condition - younger looking and healthier feeling - is an easily achievable goal and there's a simple but hugely effective way to transform your crowning glory.


Say hello to the transformative powers of Hairfix's unique keratin. Our new Three Step Keratin Bonding Treatment is the easiest, gentlest way to transform your hair with keratin which rebuilds the protein structure of your damaged hair, restoring its loveliness. This is the Recovery Regime for all hair types, including ageing, damaged, lacklustre and over-processed hair. 

A truly divine detox and more
- not only will our Three Step Keratin Bonding Treatment give your hair a divine detox but its unique keratin formula will bond to and repair damaged, fine or frizzy hair, making it smoother, shinier and stronger with just one extra step, used just once a week (or more if you prefer).

Step 1 Purifies your hair so the keratin treatment can bond to hair without the build-up that many keratin treatments simply cover over. This easy extra step is a a spray that you use on dry hair before you jump in the shower or bath.

Step 2 Reforms and Step 3 Enriches - your hair is now super-receptive to the repairing and moisturising properties of Steps 2 Reform and Step 3 Enrich. Hairfix's unique vegetable keratin compound has a molecular weight that bonds to damaged, fine and frizzy hair making it smoother and stronger.

The more damaged and fine your hair
, the more Hairfix’s keratin bonds with it. You’ll love the results and we’re giving you the chance to buy our limited edition trial size Three Step Keratin Bonding Treatment for just £25 this January. But hurry and order yours whilst stocks last!




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