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What adds instant volume, super shine and helps keeps your hair in the growth phase for longer?

What adds instant volume, super shine and helps keeps your hair in the growth phase for longer?

The answer lies in Hairfix’s brand new Follicle Max Volume, an easy to use spray containing caffeine and keratin that gives instant volume, a sleek keratin finish and protects the roots of your hair from age-related hormone damage.

Is Hairfix Follicle Max Volume for me?

If your hair is fine or becoming finer, the answer is yes! This is a common problem beyond the age of 40 when hair shafts typically lose about a quarter of their thickness, roots shrink, hair loss increases and it becomes harder to get the volume and lift you used to. Fortunately Hairfix can help.

How does Max Volume work?

Hairfix Follicle Max Volume is a light spray containing Hairfix’s own blend of vegetable hair identical keratin and caffeine. Keratin improves the health and elasticity of your hair, giving it immediate volume. Caffeine, when topically applied, has been shown to counteract shrinkage and dormancy in the hair root – helping to protect against hair fall when washing, brushing and styling.

Is Max Volume used on wet or dry hair?


Follicle Max Volume is formulated for use on wet, towel-dried or dry hair and will give you thicker feeling, volumised hair and improved scalp health as you style. Unlike many volumising products, Follicle Max Volume does not coat and weigh hair down.

Simply spray onto each tress of hair before styling clean wet or damp hair or apply a few sprays when refreshing your style between washes. You should see be a visual improvement in the hair in the first week and with continued application at this rate, new growth may see results in 60 days.

Can I use Follicle Max Volume work alongside Hairfix’s other Follicle products? 

Follicle Max Volume may be safely and easily combined with Hairfix's other Follicle products. Think of it as a styling and finishing spray and, according to your hair's age and thinness, choose from the following for the ultimate haircare regime:

Follicle Plus Anti-Age gel is an overnight treatment for all-over deep scalp activation and health maintenance when hair is ageing or even prematurely ageing so that it is generally becoming greyer and sparser. It is used 2-3 times a week.

Follicle Max Advance with double caffeine and antioxidant Nucleo Trico-Hyal is a directed treatment that specifically targets and boosts hair bulbs in the areas where hair loss is most noticeable - the hairline, crown and parting. It us used 2-3 times a week.

Follicle Plus Spray Shampoo & Conditioner are used for day-to-day washing and conditioning to enhance the health and condition of your scalp and hair bulbs and reduce hair fall whilst washing. .


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  • Jacquie Duncan