Simon says, “Turn down the heat - and the noise.”

Are you a maximum-heat-fast-dry person? Simon takes a look at the horrors of too much heat and why slower and cooler is better.

“I’m a great advocate of using less heat when drying and styling,” says Simon. “The outer layer of the hair - the cuticle - is easily burnt away and if the inner cortex is exposed to heat then you can expect breakage and wave goodbye to sleek, shiny hair.”

So how much is too much?

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Straighteners – the simple rule is not to hold them in place until the hair steams as that means that the temperature is way too high. Always start on the lowest setting, keep the straighteners moving along the hair shafts and adjust the temperature until they are straightening your hair efficiently. Ideally your straighteners should have a temperature dial that can be adjusted by degrees (as opposed to low-medium-high) and ceramic or tourmaline plates that will help distribute the heat.







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Dryers - many are now often rated as “Salon Grade” - with powerful motors and beefier heating elements. It’s harder to know when dryers are damaging your hair - apart from when you feel the heat on your scalp - but there is a noise test. If your drier is on such a high setting that you can’t hold a conversation then you maybe damaging your hair - and your hearing. Some dryers can hit 120 decibels - that’s the sound of jet plane taking off. 




Hairfix Follicle + Anti-Age Gel“Here in our salon we’re testing the new Dyson Supersonic dryers. They’re expensive but a lot quieter - and fast! If, however, you’re not in the market for a new dryer, try using use one pump of new Hairfix Follicle+ Anti-Age Gel and massage it through your hair. It’ll give you hold and volume even at lower temperatures. It will help save your hair - and maybe even your hearing!"