Simon Talks Shades of Grey

Going grey is inevitable. But if you can learn to love and manage your grey, there's glamour ahead!

Simon says: "Going grey is inevitable because the cells in hair follicles that produce melanin - a chemical that gives hair colour - gradually die off."

Fun fact: Did you know that there is actually no such thing as grey hair? Just hair with colour and hair that's white! Grey hair is an illusion caused when some hair has turned white and other hair remains its normal colour. 

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"Unfortunately," adds Simon, "this colourless hair also becomes more porous and easily absorbs chemicals from the environment, including smoke and pollution, which can leave it with a yellowish tinge. But there's no need to worry about that because well shampooed and well conditioned grey hair set against a good skin tone can look drop dead gorgeous."

"What's really important is to
deep cleanse your hair without stripping it and put back the softness, shine and smoothness with keratin. That’s why I’m shamelessly plugging our Total Detox & Recovery Regime for greying hair. It’ll make your grey hair so luscious that your non-grey friends will be longing to go grey!" 

Another fun fact:  Did you also know that the average man starts to go grey at around 30 years old but for women it's around 35 years, old? Greying is generally a slow process ~ perhaps that's nature's way of giving us time to get used to the idea!                                          

And finally... if you're just settling into having grey locks or have decided to banish hair dye from your life forever, it's important to review your hairstyle as a new style may suit your new colour and texture better. It's also a great excuse to update your make-up Don’t just assume your old makeup will work with your new grey hair colour. Grey hair coloring can tend to make you look washed out, so it's important to update your makeup, with an eye toward warmer colors.