Get Silky, Get Smooth, Get Gorgeous Winter Hair

Is your hair feeling dry, brittle and lacklustre? Then it's time to take action!

Simon says, “If your hair’s feeling dry, brittle and lacklustre, our erratic winter weather is probably to blame, but Hairfix’s Silky & Smooth Regime will help, as will these other tips.”

During the winter months we move from hot to cold and back again and we're more likely to blow dry or straighten our hair than let it dry naturally. This can be a hair nightmare, as high temperatures damage your hair's naturally occurring keratin, resulting in dried ends, brittleness, frizz, colour fade and loss of shine and silkiness.

That’s why it’s important to adopt a hair regime that actively tops up your keratin, intensively moisturises your locks and protects them from those high temperatures.

Hairfix Silky & Smooth Hair Regime combines the use of Hairfix Silk + and Hairfix Keratin Smooth. The Silk + is used as often as required and is a deep moisturising 'sleep-over' treatment, containing keratin and silk protein, that puts the silky softness back into very dry, damaged hair. Keratin Smooth is simply used before you heat style your hair. The direct application of phyto-keratin to the hair protects it against heat damage and creates thicker, sleeker, smoother hair that feels natural and lasts longer.



Simon says there are some other things that can help, too:

The use of cool water when you rinse your hair – the chillier the better. Cold water helps the hair shaft lie flat, so when it dries it has a smooth, shiny appearance – hot water has the opposite effect, creating frizz and drying your hair out.

Avoid shampooing daily if you can. The natural conditioning effect of sebum - the oil that your scalp produces to keep your hair strong – is what keeps it soft and smooth. If you can avoid washing daily you’ll notice the difference. Try using of a dry shampoo between washes if you need to.

Use a sulphate-free shampoo. Sulphates are great washing away oil and grease, but they are also harsh and damaging to hair. A sulphate-free shampoo – all Hairfix shampoos tick this box - will cleanse your hair without stripping away its protective oils.

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Invest in a wide toothed comb - taking a brush straight to wet hair is a recipe for frizz and breakage. For smooth strands, use a wide-toothed comb on damp hair.

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Point your nozzle down. If you have to blow dry your hair, a diffuser is kinder than direct heat but and pointing the nozzle of your hairdryer downwards will encourage the hair’s cuticles to stay flatter – and your hair will therefore stay smoother.