Sweet Spring is Upon Us! How Does Renewal Look for You?

Ah, sweet spring, the season of renewal and fresh growth. Whilst most of us are celebrating Springtime, some of us may be noticing that our hair seems to doing quite the opposite of growing and actually seems to be falling out more – yikes!

Seasonal hair shedding at this time of year tends to happen because more telogen (resting) hairs than you’d normally have continued to stay put over the winter to protect your scalp from the cold and they’re now beginning to shed to make way for new growth.

Whilst seasonal hair shedding isn't generally a cause for concern your hair can feel and look sparser and you may want to take action to make it look and feel thicker and ensure that the hairs still on your head stay healthy and in place for as long as possible.

If you’re sure it’s seasonal hair loss*, you don’t need to do anything too major – although a few tweaks to your hair care regime, as outlined below, can help your hair confidence and minimise shedding. If you’re concerned about sudden and plentiful loss, do please see your GP.

1. Leave your hair loose. You only want to lose the hairs that are naturally ready to shed. Styling your hair into tight, drawn back or braided styles can damage fragile hair, tangle healthy and loose hairs together and cause even more hair to fall. 

2. Avoid heavy styling products. Another way to keep those falling and healthy hairs apart is to ease back on the use of sticky styling products. These exert extra stress on your follicles and cause hair to fall more quickly. Instead, choose a styling product that actively thickens and protects the hair and roots against heat damage and breakage, such as Hairfix Max Volume Lifting Mist.

3. Choose volumising shampoo and conditioner. If you’re worried that your hair loss is noticeable, try switching to volumising products that will plump up your hair strands. A good combination, such as Hairfix Total Volume Shampoo & Conditioner or Total Volume Collection, will give your healthy hair more life and volume – then your loose hairs can naturally and subtly fall away and you’ll notice it less.

4. Have faith in your hair! It’s a worry to see more hair falling but try not to panic – seasonal hair loss is a natural part of your hair’s life cycle and you can support your hair’s good health in a number of other easy ways:

  • Treat it kindly - wash it less often, rinse in colder water and use less heat.

  • Drink plenty of water - ideally two litres a day. This will help moisturise and strengthen your hair and prevent dry, split ends. Did you know that water makes up almost 25% of the weight of a single strand of hair?

  • Eat well - a balanced diet that contains the right nutrients (most notably, protein, biotin, iron and vitamins A, C and E) will support healthy hair growth. Click here to discover 14 superfoods for healthy hair growth.

    We hope you'll enjoy the longer days ahead and do please get in touch with us if you have any questions: info@hairfix.co.uk

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    * If you’re ever unsure about the cause of hair shedding, especially if it is sudden and severe, please talk to your doctor to ease your concerns.