We search far and wide to bring you the best ingredients

Have you ever tweaked a recipe and found that it made it even better than it already was?

We have! In our quest to bring you the best of the best haircare for your hair as it transforms with time and changing hormones, we are constantly researching and testing the latest and best ingredients that bring the latest and best benefits.

And our most recent finding addresses an additional and often undetected cause of hair loss - skin irritation and inflammation – through the addition of Brazilian Bark Extract (Ziziphus Joazeiro) to our best selling Follicle+ Anti-Age Serum.

Brazilian Bark Extract had superb hair and scalp benefits, and new Follicle + Anti-Age Fortifying Serum offer you a brilliant (though we say it ourselves) full spectrum fortifying treatment for thinning hair.

What’s so special about Brazilian Bark Extract?

In short, it has natural antibacterial and soothing properties that reduce scalp irritation and itching to keep your hair rooted and in place, as nature intended.

Why? Because scalp itching and inflammation can accelerate hair shedding.

To deal with irritation and inflammation the body’s immune system must fight off intruding microorganisms and, in doing so, can wrongly interpret hair follicles as intruders, destroying them and leading to inflammation-related hair loss.

Inflammation is bad news for hair. You may not even know that your scalp's suffering, so here are the major culprits you should be aware of:

Styling products - which often contain alcohol and silicone that travels down the hair, into the follicle where the root grows from and onto the scalp, resulting in irritation and blocked pores.

Heat drying and styling - hair is excellent at conducting heat - straight into the follicle, irritating and drying the scalp.

UV Exposure - as our hair thins with age more scalp is exposed to sunlight, causing a reaction in the follicle, plus scalp dryness and even sunburn. Compound superoxide production is triggered and this can temporarily interrupt the hair growth cycle, causing hair follicles to jump from the growth part of the hair cycle to the shedding stage.

Hair dye - reactions to the harsh chemicals in some hair dyes are common and can lead to scalp irritation and, ultimately, hair shedding in some cases.

Avoiding scalp irritation is important to keep your hair healthy and in place and Brazilian Bark Extract is a superhero in this battle.

Hairfix Follicle+ Anti-Age Fortifying Serum offers a full range of soothing, moisturising and activating ingredients for optimal growth conditions. It is light, highly absorbable, and only needs to be used in small amounts three times a week, making it convenient to use and meaning that it will not block pores or lurk on the surface of your hair.

After 60 days of usage* your hair should be noticeably thicker and you will find an immediate improvement in the volume and lift of your hair.

Try it today with our 90-day money back guarantee! 100ml is about six months' supply. Shop here now.

* results can vary depending on the stage of your hair growth cycle when starting treatment. If you need any additional advice, please get in touch: info@hairfix.co.uk