Welcome to January! What are your New Year’s resolutions? – Hairfix

Welcome to January! What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Welcome to January! What are your New Year’s resolutions?

It’s always a bit sad to pack away the Christmas decorations and send the tree off to recycling, and yet there’s something refreshing about a less cluttered home and the optimism of a new beginning in a new year.

January’s when many of us begin to focus on our wellbeing and, let’s face it, it’s pretty difficult not to when you’re hit at all angles with nutrition plans, fitness schemes and health advice. But it can be confusing… is all sugar evil, is butter good or bad, carbs, no carbs or low carbs, to fast, to intermittent fast, to eat intuitively, to detox? We could go on (but we won’t, you’ll be happy to know).

To “detox” can be a tempting idea after weeks of feasting and yet detox diets may now be falling from favour as diet experts claim that neither our behaviour nor our bodies are designed for rapid, drastic change – instead experts are encouraging gradual changes to a healthier diet.

Whatever changes you’re planning this month, there is definitely one detox that will help make a big difference – on the outside! Your hair, just like your body, can be found wanting after weeks of glamming up for the party season and general over-indulgence. Luckily, too, your hair can cope well with rapid change.

If you feel your hair’s looking a little lacklustre and dull, why not try adding our Advanced Formula Release to your haircare regime? It’s an easy, extra, once-a-week step that will detox your hair by removing the undesirable build up from styling products, conditioners and pollution. The result will be healthier, brighter, younger looking hair.

Hairfix Release Detox is detergent-free detox and pre-foamed to make it easier to apply with less tugging on your hair.

What’s more, our special offer price of just £6 (RRP £13) will be gentle to your pocket! Click HERE to buy yours now.

Doesn’t your hair deserve an extra treat this new year?


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  • Jacquie Duncan