SCALP MASSAGER - supports hair growth, strength & thickness.


Scalp massage is an easy, effective and inexpensive therapy that has benefits for all, supporting the health, growth, strength, and thickness of your hair and enabling treatments and serums to penetrate more rapidly and effectively.

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Hair type: All types, especially women noticing more scalp, thinner, finer, or more brittle hair or hair fall when brushing.


Hairfix's Scalp Massager features a series of silicone bristles that stimulate the scalp to promote improved blood flow, scalp and hair health. Stimulating, relaxing and ideal for hair that is becoming finer and thinner (read more), this hand-held massager can be used on freshly washed hair before applying serums, on dry hair or when shampooing.

Improved blood flow can help:

  1. Strengthen the roots of the hair
  2. Nourish and thicken the hair shafts
  3. Promote growth
  4. Slow or prevent miniaturization of the hair follicles

Hairfix Recommends

Scalp massage is beneficial for everyone! We recommend using the massager with: Hairfix Follicle Intense DefenceHairfix Total AntidoteHairfix Total Volume Shampoo and Hairfix Follicle Plus Anti-Age Fortify


Hairfix Follicle Intense Defence or Total Antidote: use the massager on damp, freshly washed hair for 4-5 minutes to stimulate blood flow. Then apply Follicle Intense Defence at the hairline, parting and crown where growth is sparsest. The peptide and caffeine in Follicle Intense Defence will be more quickly delivered to where it is needed to encourage the production of collagen and help prevent further receding/loss. Your massager can be used between washes and before re-applying Intense Defence every third day, too.

The massager is also suitable for use in the shower when lathering Total Volume Thickening Shampoo or to stimulate the blood flow before applying Follicle Plus Anti-Age Fortifying Serum.

The bottom line is that scalp massagers are adaptable and can be built into your routine to suit you. The important thing is to avoid tugging at roots and causing hair to fall out, so be sensitive to what’s happening as you massage..



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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Grace M.F.
I just love this massager!

This really feels as though it is doing my scalp a lot of good! It's a bit early to tell whether it is helping growth (I will leave another review after a few more weeks if i can) but my scalp feels stimulated and refreshed. I use with Follicle Intense Defence and in between applications, too, just for a few minutes. It's easy to hold and use. I would recommend this to everyone - it'll make you feel good, guaranteed!