Heading for the sun? Don’t forget your perfect travel companion.

If you’re lucky enough to be heading for some winter sun, here are some tips to ensure that you protect your hair as well as your skin.

We all think “sun cream” as we head for the sun but even though winter sunshine can sometimes feel less severe than in high summer, it can be as damaging to your hair as it can to your skin. So, how can Hairfix help protect hair? We asked one of our team, Jacquie, who was recently lucky enough to spend ten days in Morocco about her holiday haircare regime.

“My hair is highlighted and it’s also now greying, so it takes a bit of extra effort to keep it in good condition, particularly on holiday where it can easily end up feeling dry and brittle.

Two real benefits of holidays for my hair are firstly that I rarely use a hair dryer – I just clip it up and leave it to dry naturally – and secondly that it’s so much easier to rinse your hair in cool water in a hot climate!

My go-to Hairfix holiday product is Silk+. I make sure I apply it to dry hair before I go into the sun and reapply it after I swim, having given my hair a quick rinse in fresh water – it’s fine to apply it to damp hair. I shampoo with a mild shampoo and conditioner in the evening (this holiday I used Total Detox & Recovery for dry hair) and run a little more Silk + through towel dried hair which keeps it smooth and under control. The result is hair that feels silky smooth.”

Any other tips?

“I do try to wear a hat of some sort when I remember – just for that extra layer of protection – although I have to admit that I also quite like those extra – free! – highlights that the sun gives me, so I’m not really all that angelic!”

How does Silk + work?

The sun’s rays help to activate the silk protein and keratin in this deep moisturising treatment, ensuring silky softness. Silk + also protects hair from UV and helps reduce sun damage. Thoroughly drenching your hair in fresh water before and after swimming will dilute the effects of the salt or pool chemicals so that they cause less damage to your locks. Rinse your hair again after swimming and re-apply Hairfix Silk + as many times as necessary during the day.