Peak Frizz Season is Upon Us… Does Your Hair Need Help?

The weather’s getting colder, the central heating’s on and there’s moisture in the air…. it’s peak frizz season but don't worry as Hairfix can smooth things over!

“As I’m sure you’ll know, hair with frizzy tendencies get’s frizzier still in damp weather. That’s because moisture in the air is the fuel that energises the hydrogen bonds that control the degree of curl and frizziness of our hair," says Simon Bryer, International Styling Director at Michael van Clarke, London.

Of course you can drive off the water, and break the hydrogen bonds, using irons and straighteners but, as the process suggests, the constant breaking of the bonds will eventually destroy them. Weakening the ’spring’ in your hair this way will allow it lie flat - but will eventually cause the hair shaft to snap - so go steady on the heat!

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There is an easier way. You can keep your hair under control with a quick spray of our Every Day Ultra Light conditioner. As the name suggests it can be used every day because it’s made from hair identical vegetable keratin and won’t build up. Plus, it’s a spray on mist so can banish the frizz with just one spray that’ll last all you all day."

200ml will last you through the winter and well into spring - and we have a special offer price of just £8.00 including post and packaging. Click here to buy now.

"Make sure you keep your hair frizz-fee and gorgeous this winter with Hairfix Every Day Ultra-light Conditioner. One spray does it all day."