Is all female hair loss down to ageing? Can Hair Loss Shampoos Help?

According to Simon Bryer, International Styling Director at Michael Van Clarke in Mayfair, the answer is no. 

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“A sudden loss of hair, as opposed to your hair growing thinner due to follicle shrinkage, can have a number of causes, including shock, stress, poor diet or poor general wellbeing.

Simon says, “If you do too much and don’t give yourself time to rest and eat properly, your hair that will pay the price. Hair really shows what’s happening in your diet and work-life balance. We naturally lose between 70 and 100 hairs a day; if you’re losing noticeably more then your body is lacking the essentials.”

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“Crash diets and fad diets that cut out entire food groups can deprive the body of the building blocks of hair – and even send the hair growth cycle into an extended catagen (shedding) phase.

Healthy fats, protein, iron and and complex carbohydrates are needed to properly sustain the anagen (growth) phase.”

Will supplements help? “Yes,” says Simon, “but only if you combine them with a healthy diet. No pill can take the place of the nutrients derived from oily fish, eggs, green veg, nuts, grains and pulses. Your whole body will benefit – not just your hair.”

Prevention is always better than cure and experts agree that a healthy diet can help improve the health, look and feel of your hair. If, however, you are concerned about the amount of hair you’re shedding, it’s to the root of the problem that you should go.

Great hair starts at the root and Hairfix’s Follicle+ range of products can help protect your precious roots and improve your hair’s quality. Thicker, noticeably younger-looking hair is our goal. Sadly we can’t bring back lost roots but a great haircare regime, diet, exercise and rest will go a long way towards helping you keep what you have.