When it's gone, it's gone - but it can be enticed to linger longer...

When it's gone, it's gone - but it can be enticed to linger longer...

Most of us understand hair loss as having fewer hairs. But did you know that you could be experiencing something that feels very much like hair loss, yet still have the average number of hairs - about 100,000 - growing from your scalp?

Let's take a closer look at the topic.

    “Hair loss” is widely understood to mean the complete and permanent loss of hair – when the hair departs from the root in the shedding stage of the hair growth cycle, and does not, as would normally be the case, grow back.

    Why does hair loss occur? The reasons are many and complex. It could be due to long-term physical stress on the hair root, such as tying the hair back, ponytails, etc. Psychological stress or hormonal changes in menopause can reduce the amount of oestrogen in relation to the natural levels of testosterone. Testosterone in women, as in men, can cause the follicle - the root bulb - of the hair to shrink. It’s nature’s way of saying not to bother with up-keeping our crowning glory as the mating game is in our past (ahem, we beg to differ)

    Ahead of any of the above happening, however, it is possible to experience what feels like loss. You may see more scalp, or your hair begins to lack the body it once had. When this happens we’re inclined to equate loss of hair with loss of volume, because of how our hair looks, feels and behaves but what we’re actually experiencing is partial loss – a reduction in the diameter of the hair shafts. Also, our thinning hair shafts can been more prone to breakage, further reducing volume.

    The good news is that thinning hair is something you have control over. BUT you do need to take action.

    Thinner shafts do not have the same tensile strength, so when you tie back or tug on your hairs, they can easily snap. Thinner hairs are more susceptible to heat and styling aid damage and, too often when we feel our hair is finer or thinner, we pile on gunky volumisers which dry to a hard shell, overload the hair and can also cause it to snap.

    In other good news you'll be pleased to hear  that there are some highly effective treatments at your disposal, depending on the type of loss you are experiencing.

    If you’re not sure what to choose, there’s a quick guide below – and don’t forget that you can take our free diagnostic test, too, to find what's right for you.

    Action at scalp level: if your hair is beginning to become thinner or finer it is because the roots are smaller. Beef them up with Hairfix Follicle + Anti-Age, formulated to protect against root shrinkage and bolster the hair at the scalp with biotin.

    Action along the hair shaft: keratin is the natural way to make hair physically thicker, stronger and smoother. Try Hairfix Total Volume Shampoo & Conditioner. In tests it added a 25% thicker-feeling.

    If, however, you are seeing the following signs then you may need to up your game:

    Hairline receding: Hairfix Follicle Max Advance is for you – an advanced formula that brings that hairline back into line. It is also your first line of defence if you are seeing a gradual widening of your parting or a little more scalp at the crown.

    Visible loss in the total number of hairs across the scalp: fight back now with Hairfix Follicle Intense Defence. This serum is a powerhouse that gives the maximum boost to the hair root with double strength caffeine, red clover flower extract and peptide to encourage anchoring proteins to keep the hair more firmly rooted. It also contains biotin and hyaluronic to optimise bulb oxygenation – providing the fuel that is needed to grow healthy hair. Follicle Intense Defence is our most potent hair-thinning treatment yet and comes in a pre-dosed system so you can’t get it wrong.

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