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Lift and love your hair!

Lift and love your hair!


How do you get that all-important volume PLUS thicker looking, healthier hair AND promote hair growth, too? All whilst styling?


Hairfix Follicle Max Lifting Spray with caffeine and keratin, which was developed specifically for anyone who wants gloriously gorgeous hair, even as it ages and changes.

Caffeine and hair and scalp health

Hairfix’s hair-identical keratin gives wet or dry hair instant volume whilst helping improve its thickness, glossiness, elasticity and smoothness. Caffeine, when applied on the scalp, has been shown to counteract shrinkage in the hair root – helping decrease hair fall when washing, brushing and styling. 

If your hair is fine or becoming finer – beyond the age of 40 our hair shafts typically lose a quarter of their thickness – the chances are that you will be finding a sad lack of volume, too.

Hairfix Follicle Max Volume is a light, non-sticky spray that can be use on freshly washed or dry hair. Just two sprays per tress (the amount of hair you’d normally style at a time) for damp hair (one at the base, one mid-length) and one per tress at the root for dry hair and you’ll see improvement within the week.

With continued application, new growth may see results in 60 days. To maintain overall healthy scalp and hair in the long term we recommend that you also use Hairfix Follicle Plus Gel.








Don't just take our word for it - here's what our customers are saying

“I am really pleased with the improved look and feel of my hair.”

“Having reached an age where my hair [is] thinner and greyer and [having] tried so many products, this is by far the only product that does as is stated on the container.”

“My hair looks fuller but without stickiness. This product is great and makes me feel wonderful.”

“Great product. Gives great volume. Give it a try - you will not be disappointed.”
“I'm amazed at the difference this spray makes. I just put several sprays around my scalp & a few mid-length, comb it through, dry my hair & suddenly I look like I have way more hair. It's magic!”
“Great product, adds volume and shine. I use it in conjunction with Follicle Plus twice a week.”


That's TWO x 100ml Follicle Max Volume Lifting Mists for the price of one and a saving of £33 for up to six months supply!

Why not try Max Volume Lifting Mist today – you could even give the second one to a volume-seeking friend to try, too!




Reviewing the Pluses of Hairfix Follicle Plus

Reviewing the Pluses of Hairfix Follicle Plus

We love receiving feedback from our customers. It helps us know that we’re giving you and your hair what you want and need – and whether there’s room for improvement.

So, whether our reviews come from QVC UK, TVSN Australia, Facebook or our own website, they help us and we hope they’ll help you, too, especially if you’re trying to decide whether Hairfix is for you.

This week we focus on one of our best sellers, Hairfix Follicle Plus Anti-Age Caffeine & Pro-Vitamin Gel for Hair & Scalp. This gel was scientifically formulated to counter the early signs of thinning hair. Such thinning is generally due to hormonal changes (in pregnancy, post-pregnancy or with the passage of time) or the age related thinning of the scalp’s skin which means that our hair has shallower roots and so falls out more easily.

If this sounds familiar to you, you may like to hear what our customers say:

Wonderful Hair Growth

I have been using this product for years following an operation on my head that caused considerable hair loss. By treating my follicles 3-4 time a week I was able to achieve healthy new growth. I was so impressed by this that I continued to use it, which has resulted in the thickening of my hair all over the scalp and noticeable healthy, shiny regrowth. There is nothing else as good!

Love it!

Just love this product. A few pumps give my hair body. I put this on my short hair when wet and blow-dry as normal. The Customer Service from this company is fantastic. Thank you.

Simply Great – Just Be Patient and Persevere

I simply love this. It’s easy to use just a few times a week, very affordable and lasts ages. It won’t give you a full head of thick hair if you’ve never had really thick hair. However what it will do is give your hair extra volume and stop it shedding so much, therefore giving you hair confidence. With continued use you will see new hair growing. Highly recommended.

Simply The Best!

I swear by this miracle hair gel - it has completely transformed my thinning hair. I now have thicker, healthy hair with body and shine. My hairdresser cannot believe how much extra hair I have growing all over my scalp. Do not waste another minute of your time JUST BUY IT! You will not regret it and you will love the results as I do!

Top Marks

I am on steroids because of my medical condition and noticed my hairline was very thin. I use this every other day and do notice some growth. Got my mum on the product, too, and have talked non-stop about it in work.

Great Condition & Less Hair Fall

The first thing I noticed was the improved condition. It [gave] my hair more body and shine. I also noticed less hair fall. My hair appears denser around my hairline.

Clearly Works

The improvement has clearly been visible by my hairdresser and myself over the last 3 weeks. My hair is much thicker and more manageable. 

Wonder Gel

I have been using Hairfix for over a year now the results are wonderful; I have new hair growth all over my head and my hair is stronger. I've been buying from QVC but this time ordered direct from Hairfix as QVC were out of stock and I could not be without this fantastic product! 

Questions? Please feel free to email us your questions at





Congratulations to our winners!

Many congratulations to the six winners of our free draw to win a bottle of pink rose champagne. Sue H, June D, Sylvia G, Elizabeth F, Rebecca B and Jay M your champagne is on its way! 

3 step recovery demonstration by QVC Italia

We've been selling really well in Italy on the Italian QVC.  We've been getting 5 star reviews, not surprising really as the video they made really demonstrates the 3 step recovery brilliantly!  Plus the before and after shot is amazing, no wonder the model is smiling! 

5 star reviews from customers!

5 star reviews from customers!

We are delighted to have received so many amazing comments from customers of QVC in Italy and in the UK.  In addition to this we were delighted to read some amazing comments of new customers through TVSN in Australia!

Read some below:


"This product is amazing. Arrived this morning and couldn't wait to try it. I have fine hair and use products to give it body and volume but after one treatment with this my hair is soft, shiny and full of volume. My friend even commented on how good it looked and how much it had improved the colour. Could not praise this product enough."


Best Hair Reviver On The Market

"I bought this set after seeing the presentation and thought it'd be worth a shot as I can always get my money back with you guys at QVC.....Not a chance!!! I'm keeping this little set of miracle hair magic and am stunned that at long last I have found something that truly does what it claims to do. I cut my hair into a graduated bob and had some colours weaved through earlier on this year and because my hair is so fine I need to use volumising products to style it. The problem is I get build up and then my hair looks dull and needs that trip to the salon to revive it as nothing else seems to do the trick. I have spent a wee fortune over the years on an endless array of top quality products but not one of them has managed what this 3 step system has after just one application. Even my other half commented on how nice my hair was and he is your typical man who doesn't normally pass comment.
If you're reading this and thinking 'it's a lot of money' then trust me, try'll save you heaps in the long run. I'm guessing this set will last me a good 6 months but I will be reordering for sure."


What a result

"We all listen to the sales pitch with a certain 'healthy' scepticism and if I am honest I would never have ordered this without the money back guarantee, but wow from the first go the results were obvious. its so simple and so clear what to do. My hair feels and looks great. Even my hairdresser noticed and asked what I was using. I also noticed the colour I have put on is keeping so much better than normal."

Third purchase!

"I could not be without this product now. It makes your hair feel like you have just stepped out of the salon! Your hair colour looks more vibrant and it gives such a bounce to your hair. I have very fine brunette hair and it gives it such a lovely shine with the added benefit of feeling much thicker. A real desert island product!"
''The best shampoo I have ever used. I have dry curly hair and this makes your hair feel so soft.''