When the weather's fine we've got your hair covered

When the weather's fine we've got your hair covered

Fine weather can be especially harsh on fine hair and hot weather can be damaging for all hair types. But don't worry - you'll be more than just 'fine' when you include Hairfix in your hair care regime. Here are our hot summer tips and offers.

Chlorine in pools and seawater act as bleach on our locks, and not in a good way. Blonde hair can turn a greenish tinge and dark colours lose lustre. Salt and chlorine also break down the natural keratin of the hair, making it dry, frizzy and prone to breakage. And then there's your scalp - it's important to keep it nourished and moisturised in order to avoid inflammation and irritation that can cause hair to fall (that's where our new ingredient, Brazilian Bark Extract, works wonders).

So, if you're heading overseas or simply getting lots of UV at home, what steps can you take to keep your scalp healthy and your hair strong, shiny and growing well?

Hairfix your holiday!

If your hair's becoming thinner, sparser and you’re seeing more scalp then it’s time to start using a Hairfix Follicle Treatment. If you’re looking for a size that fits snugly in your hand luggage, we recommend New Hairfix Follicle+ Anti-Age Fortifying Serum 100ml for your travels. You only need apply it every 2 or 3 days (to dry or clean, wet hair) and it can be used across the whole scalp whilst you’re away.

With our sizzling summer offer you can buy 2 x Follicle+ Fortifying Serum for just £44.00 – one to leave at home and one to take away, with a lovely £24.00 saving.

You could also take some Hairfix Root to Tip Hair Improver away with you. This deep conditioning treatment is formulated to deliver moisture and improve your hair and scalp condition, helping you avoid the nasty dry, bleached feeling of post-holiday hair that comes from UV, chlorine and saltwater.

Running a few pumps worth through damp or dry hair before you head into the sun and then to hair that’s been rinsed in fresh water after swimming will help retain your hair’s strength and condition, preventing dryness, frizziness and sun damage.

Did you know that the sun’s rays help to activate the silk protein and keratin in this deep moisturising treatment, so that it penetrates the hair more quickly, providing UV protection and silky softness?

If you want your hair to be healthier, shinier, softer, stronger, smoother, and more resistant to damage, this is the treatment for you!

Get it FREE! Hairfix Root to Tip Hair Improver is available to buy in 200ml or 500ml bottles BUT if you spend over £60 with Hairfix, we'll send you a free 500ml bottle worth £55!

Summer Sunshine Top Tips.

Ready to take the plunge? Before you swim, totally drench your hair in fresh water. That way the salt and chemicals are really diluted and therefore less damaging.

Play it cool. It’s not too tempting in winter but in the summer it's a lot easier to give your hair a final rinse in cool – even cold – water, and we recommend your try it. The benefits include shinier, less frizzy hair. Cold water flattens and closes the hair’s cuticles, helping retain moisture and protecting hair from damage. It also closes the scalp pores so that roots are held firmly in place, hair sheds less AND blood circulation is improved - which is great for promoting growth and hair health. Oh, and you’ll also feel revitalised!

Hat's Off? No! Wearing a hat or scarf will help protect your face and scalp from sun damage and colour fade - and who doesn’t love a funky hat or a pretty scarf?

Hang loose! Summer humidity can be a real challenge for anyone whose hair tends towards the frizzy, so why not experiment with loose, relaxed styles… messy buns, loose braids and pony tails will keep the hair off your neck so you’ll feel cooler. Use a little Root to Tip on towel dried hair to keep frizz calm and hair moisturised and avoid tight, pulled back styles hair as they can lead to shedding and breakage.

Keep in trim. You’re more likely to suffer from dry and split ends after time in the sun so regular trims to chop off frizzy splits and keep your hair looking sharp are a must.

Whatever your summer plans, we wish you happy holidays and happy hair days! Please feel free to email us if you have any hair care questions:


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