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Say hello to our most effective ever three step treatment for fine, stripped, damaged hair.

Say hello to our most effective ever three step treatment for fine, stripped, damaged hair.

Since 2001 Hairfix’s renowned Three Step Detox Recovery Regime has given thousands of happy customers younger-looking, healthier feeling hair. Now we’re delighted to introduce our next generation Three Step Keratin-Bonding Treatment.

Here at Hairfix, we’re constantly listening to your feedback and looking at the world around us, at new ingredients, technologies and developments that will enable us to bring you the best possible products.

With busy lifestyles, air pollution and the intensity of styling products and haircare regimes in mind, we've developed new Hairfix Three Step Keratin-Bonding Treatment, a state-of-the-art detox and recovery regime for ageing, damaged, over-processed hair.

Why detox your hair?

Just as you remove your make up and cleanse your skin before applying moisturiser, you should do the same with your hair. Detoxing just once a week will rid your hair of pollutants and the invisible build up caused by conditioning and styling products and make it more receptive to repairing, moisturising products.

What's new?

Hairfix Three Step Keratin Bonding Treatment is the only keratin system that gently removes build-up without using detergents that strip the hair. Plus, our unique vegetable keratin compound of wheat, soy and corn has a molecular weight that bonds more to damaged, fine and frizzy hair, making it smoother and stronger. Hairfix Three Step Keratin Bonding Treatment is also quick, easy and convenient to use.

Step 1 Purify is a detergent-free spray that gives your hair a fast and thorough detox
Spray Purify weekly onto dry hair, comb it through and leave for a minute or two before rinsing away the pollution and product build up that regular detergents remove by stripping your hair’s keratin. Purify is detergent-free and works its way between the build up and your hair, releasing it and washing it away.
Step 2 Reform is a highly effective keratin bonding cleanser to repair, elasticise and give your hair volume.  
Reform cleanses and fills any gaps in your hair’s keratin by depositing cysteine (the most abundant amino acid found in keratin) into those voids, leaving it hair smoother and stronger. You simply apply, lather and rinse.
Step 3 Enrich conditioner gives hair a long lasting, deep protective shine.  
Enrich adds a silken protective layer to your hair that will give you younger-looking, shinier and healthier feeling hair for the week ahead.

Who should use Hairfix Three Step Keratin-Bonding Treatment? 

Simon Bryer, International Artistic Director says... 
“Everyone! Think about how youthful and healthy your skin looks after a cleansing, moisturising treatment, then think of your hair as being just like your skin – both will always benefit from a deep cleanse, repair and moisturise. If you’re a heavy user of styling products, you colour or heat treat your hair or it’s generally dull, you’ll benefit from a weekly treatment. If your hair’s already in good condition, a fortnightly treatment should be enough to keep it that way.
This is a must-have product for anyone who wants to protect their hair from environmental pollutants and product residue and give it a fabulous youthful boost.”

Reviewers say... 
"I just love this new three step treatment - it really leaves my hair silkier, brighter and feeling (and looking) so much nicer... My hair's highlighted, frizzy, curly and greying and this makes it more manageable. Thank you, Hairfix!"



Simon Talks Shades of Grey

Simon Talks Shades of Grey

Going grey is inevitable. But if you can learn to love and manage your grey, there's glamour ahead!

Simon says: "Going grey is inevitable because the cells in hair follicles that produce melanin - a chemical that gives hair colour - gradually die off."

Fun fact: Did you know that there is actually no such thing as grey hair? Just hair with colour and hair that's white! Grey hair is an illusion caused when some hair has turned white and other hair remains its normal colour. 

"Unfortunately," adds Simon, "this colourless hair also becomes more porous and easily absorbs chemicals from the environment, including smoke and pollution, which can leave it with a yellowish tinge. But there's no need to worry about that because well shampooed and well conditioned grey hair set against a good skin tone can look drop dead gorgeous."

"What's really important is to
deep cleanse your hair without stripping it and put back the softness, shine and smoothness with keratin. That’s why I’m shamelessly plugging our Total Detox & Recovery Regime for greying hair. It’ll make your grey hair so luscious that your non-grey friends will be longing to go grey!" 

Another fun fact:  Did you also know that the average man starts to go grey at around 30 years old but for women it's around 35 years, old? Greying is generally a slow process ~ perhaps that's nature's way of giving us time to get used to the idea!                                          

And finally... if you're just settling into having grey locks or have decided to banish hair dye from your life forever, it's important to review your hairstyle as a new style may suit your new colour and texture better. It's also a great excuse to update your make-up Don’t just assume your old makeup will work with your new grey hair colour. Grey hair coloring can tend to make you look washed out, so it's important to update your makeup, with an eye toward warmer colors.


Is colouring breaking your hair?

Is colouring breaking your hair?

Much as we love it or feel we need it, it's a fact that all hair colouring can cause breaking - either because the pigment makes your hair brittle or, if you’re going lighter, there’s a stripping of the keratin (keratin keeps your hair strong, elastic and healthy) that contains your original darker colour. 

Simon says that it's a really good idea to try and give your hair a rest from colour now and again but, if that’s easier said than done for you, the next best thing is to do what you can to make the colour you have last longer. 

“That’s when I recommend our sulphate-free Every Day Shampoo and super-light Every Day Conditioner. Both are milder than washing in water but they do work to gently cleanse and condition the hair, plus they’ll help keep colour ten times longer than your normal shampoo,” says Simon.

And if your roots are showing? Simon recommends the ingenious Colour Wow Root Cover Up which is available in seven great shades at QVC UK and other outlets. 




Are you seeing double?

Don't worry, you're not... we really are offering you an amazing £29.00 saving!

Until midnight on 31 March you save a fantastic £29 on an eight month* supply of 
Hairfix New Advanced Recovery Regime.

Simply purchase online before midnight on Thursday 31 March and we'll automatically send you a second set absolutely FREE

Hairfix Advanced Recovery Regime with pre-foamed Release is available for fine hair (volumising) and dry hair (intensively moisturising) and works in three steps to:

Release and gently remove, without soap or detergents, the chemical build-up created by conditioners, styling products and pollution that can cause hair to feel lifeless and the colour to look dull

Revive by replacing keratin (lost during styling and with age) with nature-identical vegetable keratin. This helps hair recover its more youthful body and its brighter and more natural colour

Replenish by sealing the hair with a natural, deep protective shine that will help to protect it from the rigours of daily life. Choose Fine for volume or Dry for intense moisturising.

You'll find your hair is healthier and younger-looking, even with just one use a week

Go on, give your hair a treat!

Why giving your hair a break from detergents is good

Going shampoo-free is a growing trend ~ many customers have said they've tried it and like the results.

They report that it
improves the condition of their hair and that they are suffering less scalp irritation and less hair loss as a result of using less detergent.
We've tried it, too, and we wholeheartedly agree. But the downside can be that hair appears a bit lank and its odour is not as lovely you'd like it to be.
The good news is that we have a rather neat solution to this problem...

Hairfix Release - the 100% detergent-free cleanser.
Release gently breaks the bond between any impurities attached to the hair and the hair itself. You simply apply it and rinse away the nasties caused by product build up and environmental pollutants.
Some customers use Release as a pre-shampoo, others use it in place of shampoo. It’s up to you which way you go – without shampoo or with less shampoo, whatever suits you. 
Here are some tips to help you kick your shampoo habit:
If you usually apply shampoo twice when you wash your hair, try using Release in place of the first application.
 Next consider using Release on its own - on say every second shampooing session. When you do there’s no need to use a conditioner!
 Eventually, your hair will tell you it doesn’t need any conventional shampoo. You may only need Release now and again to freshen up. Remember, you won’t need to use a conditioner.
If you'd like any further advice do please email us at Hairfix HQ and we'll be happy to help.