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Want more hair - or at least to keep more of what you have? Then turn down the heat.

Want more hair - or at least to keep more of what you have? Then turn down the heat.


As we age our scalp, like the rest of our skin, tends to lose its plumpness and become less firm. That makes it tougher for it to support the root of the hair, resulting in more hair fall.

What to do? Simon says:

"Just as you no longer use really hot water on your face, you should avoid it on your scalp, too. Try turning down the water temperature a notch or two when shampooing (you need a certain amount of heat to rinse away dirt and oil but avoid hot water). Better still, try rinsing your hair with cool to tepid water. That’ll give your scalp’s blood supply a bit of a boost and there’s an added benefit: cooler water helps keep hair strands nice and smooth, whereas hot water causes it to flare open and become frizzy. You'll find it easier to manage, too."

So, go cooler for a healthier scalp and shinier hair - and we won’t even mention the money you’ll save on your hot water bill!


Washing your hair doesn't make more fall out. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Washing your hair doesn't make more fall out. Quite the opposite, in fact.

If you find yourself avoiding washing your hair because you feel you're seeing too many hairs falling out, think again.

It may seem counter intuitive but did you know that more frequent shampooing can actually help with hair fall? In fact, hair fall can actually increase if the scalp isn't as clean as the rest of your skin.

Simon says, "Try and shampoo your hair three times a week but make sure you massage your scalp gently nice and gently if you're worried about hair fall."

A gentle way to shampoo is by using a pre-foamed shampoo, such as Hairfix Follicle + shampoo. The fact that it is applied as a foam means you don't hvae to agitate it, so there's no tugging on your precious roots.

When it comes to conditioning, concentrate the product on the hair ends and away from the scalp. If your scalp feels irritated by your conditioner, try swapping it for an alternative as your current products may well contain oils that are irritants.

Birth Control Pills could be to Blame for Increasing Hair Loss reports Daily Mail Australia

Is birth control making you BALD? Young women are suffering an epidemic of hair loss as more of them turn to the pill at a younger age, reports Laura House for Daily Mail Australia

Hormone expert and naturopath, Dr Lara Briden, explains female hair loss. She says while health conditions can contribute, birth control can too:

  • Birth control pills can take a toll on normal hair growth
  • In some cases they can shrink hair follicles like testosterone does in men
  • A widening part is the first sign of hair loss and thinning in females
  • Good nutrition can help with recovery, but it can take over a year

It appears it's no longer just men who are losing their hair, with some young women across Australia suffering significant hair loss as well.

‘Young women are suffering an epidemic of hair loss, and it’s time for some straight-talk about why it’s happening,’ Dr Briden told Daily Mail Australia.

‘My patients are losing piles of hair - they see it on their brushes, and they see it all over the floor and they’re not imagining things.'

Twenty years ago, female hair loss was something women suffered occasionally with childbirth or illness... now it’s so common that doctors see it every day. 

Click here to read the full article – and remember that Hairfix Follicle + is here to help!

Why giving your hair a break from detergents is good

Going shampoo-free is a growing trend ~ many customers have said they've tried it and like the results.

They report that it
improves the condition of their hair and that they are suffering less scalp irritation and less hair loss as a result of using less detergent.
We've tried it, too, and we wholeheartedly agree. But the downside can be that hair appears a bit lank and its odour is not as lovely you'd like it to be.
The good news is that we have a rather neat solution to this problem...

Hairfix Release - the 100% detergent-free cleanser.
Release gently breaks the bond between any impurities attached to the hair and the hair itself. You simply apply it and rinse away the nasties caused by product build up and environmental pollutants.
Some customers use Release as a pre-shampoo, others use it in place of shampoo. It’s up to you which way you go – without shampoo or with less shampoo, whatever suits you. 
Here are some tips to help you kick your shampoo habit:
If you usually apply shampoo twice when you wash your hair, try using Release in place of the first application.
 Next consider using Release on its own - on say every second shampooing session. When you do there’s no need to use a conditioner!
 Eventually, your hair will tell you it doesn’t need any conventional shampoo. You may only need Release now and again to freshen up. Remember, you won’t need to use a conditioner.
If you'd like any further advice do please email us at Hairfix HQ and we'll be happy to help.