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Say hello to our most effective ever three step treatment for fine, stripped, damaged hair.

Say hello to our most effective ever three step treatment for fine, stripped, damaged hair.

Since 2001 Hairfix’s renowned Three Step Detox Recovery Regime has given thousands of happy customers younger-looking, healthier feeling hair. Now we’re delighted to introduce our next generation Three Step Keratin-Bonding Treatment.

Here at Hairfix, we’re constantly listening to your feedback and looking at the world around us, at new ingredients, technologies and developments that will enable us to bring you the best possible products.

With busy lifestyles, air pollution and the intensity of styling products and haircare regimes in mind, we've developed new Hairfix Three Step Keratin-Bonding Treatment, a state-of-the-art detox and recovery regime for ageing, damaged, over-processed hair.

Why detox your hair?

Just as you remove your make up and cleanse your skin before applying moisturiser, you should do the same with your hair. Detoxing just once a week will rid your hair of pollutants and the invisible build up caused by conditioning and styling products and make it more receptive to repairing, moisturising products.

What's new?

Hairfix Three Step Keratin Bonding Treatment is the only keratin system that gently removes build-up without using detergents that strip the hair. Plus, our unique vegetable keratin compound of wheat, soy and corn has a molecular weight that bonds more to damaged, fine and frizzy hair, making it smoother and stronger. Hairfix Three Step Keratin Bonding Treatment is also quick, easy and convenient to use.

Step 1 Purify is a detergent-free spray that gives your hair a fast and thorough detox
Spray Purify weekly onto dry hair, comb it through and leave for a minute or two before rinsing away the pollution and product build up that regular detergents remove by stripping your hair’s keratin. Purify is detergent-free and works its way between the build up and your hair, releasing it and washing it away.
Step 2 Reform is a highly effective keratin bonding cleanser to repair, elasticise and give your hair volume.  
Reform cleanses and fills any gaps in your hair’s keratin by depositing cysteine (the most abundant amino acid found in keratin) into those voids, leaving it hair smoother and stronger. You simply apply, lather and rinse.
Step 3 Enrich conditioner gives hair a long lasting, deep protective shine.  
Enrich adds a silken protective layer to your hair that will give you younger-looking, shinier and healthier feeling hair for the week ahead.

Who should use Hairfix Three Step Keratin-Bonding Treatment? 

Simon Bryer, International Artistic Director says... 
“Everyone! Think about how youthful and healthy your skin looks after a cleansing, moisturising treatment, then think of your hair as being just like your skin – both will always benefit from a deep cleanse, repair and moisturise. If you’re a heavy user of styling products, you colour or heat treat your hair or it’s generally dull, you’ll benefit from a weekly treatment. If your hair’s already in good condition, a fortnightly treatment should be enough to keep it that way.
This is a must-have product for anyone who wants to protect their hair from environmental pollutants and product residue and give it a fabulous youthful boost.”

Reviewers say... 
"I just love this new three step treatment - it really leaves my hair silkier, brighter and feeling (and looking) so much nicer... My hair's highlighted, frizzy, curly and greying and this makes it more manageable. Thank you, Hairfix!"



Want more hair - or at least to keep more of what you have? Then turn down the heat.

Want more hair - or at least to keep more of what you have? Then turn down the heat.


As we age our scalp, like the rest of our skin, tends to lose its plumpness and become less firm. That makes it tougher for it to support the root of the hair, resulting in more hair fall.

What to do? Simon says:

"Just as you no longer use really hot water on your face, you should avoid it on your scalp, too. Try turning down the water temperature a notch or two when shampooing (you need a certain amount of heat to rinse away dirt and oil but avoid hot water). Better still, try rinsing your hair with cool to tepid water. That’ll give your scalp’s blood supply a bit of a boost and there’s an added benefit: cooler water helps keep hair strands nice and smooth, whereas hot water causes it to flare open and become frizzy. You'll find it easier to manage, too."

So, go cooler for a healthier scalp and shinier hair - and we won’t even mention the money you’ll save on your hot water bill!


Washing your hair doesn't make more fall out. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Washing your hair doesn't make more fall out. Quite the opposite, in fact.

If you find yourself avoiding washing your hair because you feel you're seeing too many hairs falling out, think again.

It may seem counter intuitive but did you know that more frequent shampooing can actually help with hair fall? In fact, hair fall can actually increase if the scalp isn't as clean as the rest of your skin.

Simon says, "Try and shampoo your hair three times a week but make sure you massage your scalp gently nice and gently if you're worried about hair fall."

A gentle way to shampoo is by using a pre-foamed shampoo, such as Hairfix Follicle + shampoo. The fact that it is applied as a foam means you don't hvae to agitate it, so there's no tugging on your precious roots.

When it comes to conditioning, concentrate the product on the hair ends and away from the scalp. If your scalp feels irritated by your conditioner, try swapping it for an alternative as your current products may well contain oils that are irritants.